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Prehistoric Times
period before 3000 BC, when no written records were kept
Ice Age-
huge sheets of ice fromt the Arctic region covered the N. parts of ___,___,____
Europe, Asia, N. America
Neanderthal people
lived during middle paleolithic age
Cro-Magnon man
lived during upper paleolithic age
After the ice age;
handles were fastened to hand axes, animals domesticated,
fishhook used for 1st time, canoes used, made pots, bowls,
and jars out of clay
Middle stone age
Term for 1st agricultural revolution

Describes transition from nomadic hunting and gathering
to agriculture and settlement
Neolithic Revolution
Four Major River Valleys
Nile Valley in Africa
Tigres-Euphrates Valley in SW Asia
Indus Valley in S. Asia
Huang Valley in E. Asia
Nile Valley in Africa
--- yearly floods (rich soil, irrigation for farmers)
--- lower Egypt in N. and upper Egypt in S.
-Menes united the 2
--- developed the calendar (track floods), geometry (building pyramids)
--- Amenhotep IV tried to make ppl. adopt monotheism
Tigres-Euphrates Valley in SW Asia
Mesopotamia/Fertile Crescent
Developed city states in Sumer
Sumericans developed new form of writing called cuneiform
Akkadians conquered Sumerians
Hammurabi – ruler in Babylon, conquered T.E. River
Created Code of Hammurabi
Many more invasions followed
Indus Valley in S. Asia
First civilization in India-Harappan civilization
Advanced city planning and design
Developed their own written language
Huang Valley in E. Asia
First dynasty, the Shang, began along this river
They developed a writing system
created a religious tradition involving animism & ancestor worship

Shang were conquered by Zhou
Zhou claimed Mandate of Heaven (right to rule was divinely granted)

Qin was a new Dynasty, united China
Standardized weights, measures, & coinage
Created uniform system of writing & system of taxation

Han was a new dynasty
Ruled less harshly & more wisely
Increased trade, expanded frontiers
China prospered
New invention was paper
Characteristics of Civilizations
1. People have advanced technical skills
2. Cities and governments exist
3. A division of labor exists
4. A form of writing exists
5. A calendar exists