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tennis court oath
this stated that the members of the national assembly would not disband until they had written a constitution for france
storming of the batille
this was the fortress stormed by a mob of parisians to get guns and powder in order to protect the assembly against royal troops- july 14 1789
declaration of the rights of man
men are born and remain equal before the law the law must be the same for all it also proclaimed freedom of speech, press and religion. this document was inspired by the declaration of independence, the english bill of rights and the us constitution.
civil constitution of the clergy
by this law, bishops and priests were elected by the people and paid by the state. this attack on the roman catholic church inspired a rebellion against the revolution all across france
constitution of 1791
this document set up a limited monarchy for france and created the legislative assembly to make the laws for france
jean paul marat
this man was murdered in his bath he was a primary leader for the revolution he loved singing death warrants. a tru psychotic
this is the general name applied to the radicals of the revolution because they had been members of a political club which met in an old monastery - it was actually a network of political groups in france
outstanding naval victory won by the british during the french war with the third coalition. a fleet led by horatio nelson defeated a a french and spanish fleet.
continental system
the aim of this was to stop british goods from reaching the european continent to be sold there. by weakening britain's economy through this. napoleon hoped it would destroy their ability to wage war
the hundred days
term for the time period of the return of napoleon from elba
location of the final defeat of napoleon by the duke of wellington
klemens von metternich
the leader of the congress of vienna - austria foreign minister
this is a political philosphy that is based largely on the enlightment and held that people should be as free as possible from government restraints.
this is the concept of a unique cultural identify for a people based on common, religion language and national symbols. this arose out of people's awareness of being part of a community with common institutions, traditions, languewage and customs.
this class was made up of people inviolved in industry and banking; as well as professionals such as lawyers
this class was the urbanworking class - specifically they worked in factories
john stuart mill
he was champion of minority rights/dissenters. did not so much reject laissez-faire liberalism as to giveit sensitivity and felxibility. wrote on liberty
charles fourier
he believed in passion papillion and l'attraction passionnelle - human beings are drawn together by their passions - he listed 810 of them. wanted to create phalanxes each containing 400 acres
robert owen
he developed new lanark - a model industrial village. - better working conditions
karl marx
he turned the hegelian dialectic into economic determinism and class struggle changing economic conditions determined that struggle should develop successively
david ricardo
he said economic activity depends on three forces: rent wages and profit. rent is the most important thing - rent will consume an even larger share of the econmic pie leaving smaller portions for profit and wages.
jeremy bentham
he thought that the state should become more active when the pursuit of self-interest by some individuals worked against the best interests of other individuals, since the goal was the greatest good for the greatest number- the principle of unity
thomas malthus
he thought that because food production would only rise arithmetically and population rose geometrically, mankind's only hope to end human suffering was in a reductionof birthrate through moral restraints
william wordsworth
find the guy
charles dickens
he criticized industrial society in many of his books. he wrote of debtors' prisons in pickwick papers workouses in oliver twist
johann von goethe
a mater of the novel poem, and drama, he wrote this period of rising national feeling. most famous of his works is the drama faust, the story of a man's bargain with the devil
samuel taylor coleridge
he collaborated with another leadinf poet on lyrical ballads and wrote the haunting poems rime of the anciet mariner
eugene delacroix
one of the most famous romantic painters of france. his paintings showed two chief characteristics: a fascination with the exotic and passion for color. his works reflect his belief that a painting should be a feast to the eyes.
gregor mendel
he called certain factors, or elements of ingeritance, dominant because they dominated other facters which he called recessive.
ivan pavlov
this russian biologist discovered the conditioned reflex - an involentary response. he proved that an animal can be conditioned or taught to have certain reflexes
he drew up a chart that he called the periodic table of the elements
sigmund freud
in a gerneral introductionto psychoanalists he said that in order to cure a paciant it was necessary to make them conscious of experiences
he investigated the relationship between matter and energy. he said that motion cannot be meassured because no single point exists which to measure it
herbert spencer
in his principles of sociology, he applied the principles of natural selection to society.
the politics of reality or politics based on practical matters rather than theory or ethics
this individual, the leader of italian unification in southern italy, dedicated italian patriot with an army of one thousand volunteers called red shirts
sick man of europe
expression, coined by nicholas I of russia. ment that the ottoman empire had become so weak that diplomats expected its collapse as one national group
camillo di cavour
otto von bismarck is to germany as _______ is to italy
sepoy rebellion
name given 1857 event - begun by a rumor that british were issuingindian troops new bullets which were greased with cow and pig fat - which upset both hindu and muslim soldiers. as a result the british pariament transferred rule of india from BEIC to the british government
opium war
as a result of this event, british get treaty of nanjing in 1842 - chinese open five ports to the british - pay for war
spheres of influence
created by european imperialists powers in china - term for places where imperial powers had exclusive trading rights, railroad building, mining privlages
cecil rhodes
this man founded diamons and gold companies in southern africa and pretty much made a personal colony, which bore his name, in the region north of transvaal. he was a great champion of british expansion.
returned in 1915 from south africa - became active in india's independance movement. set up a movement based on nonviolent resistance
tai ping rebellion
1850-1864 this rebellion appealed to many people because it called for social reforms. it proved to be one of the most devestating civil wars in history.
leoold II
this man made the congo his personal colony. he hired henry stanley to set u colonies for him there
this concet ment that europeans were not subject to chinese laws but there own
indirect rule
conlonial ower ruled through local olitical elites. local rulers were allowed to maintain their ositions of authority and status in a new colonial setting
indian national congress
formed in 1885 - it did not demand immediate indeendance for india but it did call for a share in the governing process
open door policy
proposed by john hay that ensured equal access to the chinese market for all nations
this was a french policy of making africans french by having them adopt the franch culture
this man freed venezuala
san martin
in 1810 this man's forces liberated argentina from the spanish. later liberated chile
sun yat-sen
he was a young chinese radical who formed the revive china society. educated in hawaii in a british school
matthew perry
this man was sent by president millard fillmore to negotiate a trade agreement with japan
this man was a parish priest in mexico. he led the mexicans to free themselves from the spanish
monroe doctrine
this stated that there would be no more colonization of latin america - the US guaranteeing the independance of the new latin american nations
mexican national hero, son of native american peasants - brought liberal reforms to mexico including separation of church and state.
led a revolution against the landowners begging in 1910 - he aroused the masses of landless peasants and began seizing the estates
francis ferdinand
heir to the throne of austria hungary
term for the list of demands which austria-hungary sent to serbia after the archduke was shot
the process of assembling troops and supplies and making them ready for war
schlieffen plan
this called for a two-front war with france and russia in which germany would hold off russia while it carried out a rapid invasion of france through belgium
in this battle, southwest of constantinople, the allies tried to open a balkan front
the sinking of this shit in 1915 with the loss of 1100 civilians including over 100 americans significantly influenced american public opinion
the only major naval battle in world war I
defense of the realm act
this allowed the british government to stop internal dissent during the war - they arrested protestors as traitors, newspapers were censored
edith cavell
trained as a nurse, she worked to shelter british and french soldiers in enemy territory in occuped belgium
march revolution
in this event, the duma forced the czar to step down, ending 300 years of romanov rule
siberian peasant who claimed to be a holy man, empress alexandra believed that he was holy
these were councils composed of representatives from the workers and soldiers they challenged the authority of the provisional government. they existed in army units, factory towns, and rural areas
this man headed the provisional government that took control of the czar
this was a small faction of maxist party called the russian social democrats. they vbecame a party dedicated to violent revolution
the leader of the nbolsheviks. he believed that only violent revolution could destroy the cap[italist system
leon trotsky
this dedicated revolutionary was head of the petrograd soviet. he oprganized the red army
november revolution
in this evemt thje provisional government was overthrown. the radicals seized the winter palace and ther government collapsed with very little bloodshed
this was the treaty that got ressuia out of world war I. russia had to give up eastern poland, ukraiine, finland, and the baltic provinces.
war guilt clause
this is article 231 of the treaty. it said that germent was the sole cause of the war.
john reed
american journalist who was an eyewitnwess to the communist revolution in russia. he was accused of treason in the US and returned to the USSR in 1920 where he died.
nuremburg laws
these laws excluded jews from german citizenship, marriage with non-jews, and many professions. jews had to wear the yellow star of davidand carry identification cards
kelog-briand pact
this guaranteed germaany's new western borders with france and belgium. it was viewed by many as the beginning of a new era in euopean poeace
this event, the night of shattered glass, was a state-spon sored destructive rampage against the jews in which synagogues and hjewish buisnesses were burned, hundred of jews killed, and thousands
enabling act
this law gave hitler the power to ignore the weimar constituton for four years while it issued laws to deal with the country's problem. hitler no longer needed the reichstag
weimar republis
this is the name given to the post-war government of germany
french popular front
this was a coalition of leftist parties - communists socialists and radicals that formed the french government
totalitarian state
this is a type of government that aims to control the political, economic, social intellectual and cu
this retreat from socialism by lenin was a modified version of capitalism which allowed peasants to sell their produce openly and allow buisnesses with fewer than 20 workers to privately owned and operated.
mein kampf
this book, written by hitler, outlines his political views and is an account of his movement and basic ideas
this mann temporarily a right deviationist, rejected the idea of immediate worldwide communist revolution and wanted to focus a building a socialist state in russia
this this is the procedss in which private farms are eliminated and the government owns the land while the peasants work it
reichstag fire
this man was officially head of the gestapo and later the ss
great purge
this was the removal of the old bolsheviks and then proceeded to army officers diplomats, union officials, party members
paul von hidemburg
this man was the president of the weimar republic until its end
this man was british prime minister during the run-up to world war II. he believed that hitler was a man he could trust
this man - and other miliotary leaders - came to dominate the government of japan and supported japanese expansionism
this is the policy based upon the belief that if european states satisfied the reasonalbe demands of dissastisfied powers
lightening war involving armored columns
from here, with heroic efforts, the british navy and civilians managed evacuate 338000 allied soldiers who had been trapped on the beaches.
commanderof american troops in the pacific theater. he was to movce into the philippines through new guinea
island hopping
this was the strategy of capturing some japanese-help islands whiule bypassing others
commander of german forces in north america. he broke through the british lines and advanced on alexandria in egypt
atlantic charter
in this roosevelt and churchill declared that the US and britain sought no territorial gains in world war II
in this program the US Congress allowed the president to sell, transfer title to, exchange or otherwise dispose of, to any government whose defense the president deemed vital to the defense of the united states
vichy france
term given to the collaborationist government of unoccupied france after the surrender of france it was headed by petain
german city strick by a massive firestorm feb 13-15, 1945 after intense incendiary bombing by the U
leader of the SS, put in charge of german resettlement plans in the east
most notorious death camp
young japanese who volunteered to serve as pilots in suicide missions
nations independant before 1939, under soviet control after WWII largely due to the presence of soviet troops
soviet republics
these states were part of the soviet union from its beginning but became independant in 1991
marshal plan
this was designed to rebuild the prosperiy and stability of the war-torn europe. the united states pledged 13 billion
konrad adenauer
leader of the christian democrats in the FRG he served as chancellor from 1949-1963. he sought respect for west germany and cooperated with the united states and gthe rest of europe
berlin air lift
solution to the soviet blockade of berlin.
josip broz tito
he led the resistance of the yugoslavs to the nazis and emerged as dictator of yugoslavia after the war
prague spring
what the period described alexander dubeck
iron curtain speech
in this churchill said that from settin in the baltic to triest inn the adriatic a line existed separating free nations
the goal of this policy was to keep communism within its existing boundaries and prevent further soviet aggressive moves
welfare state
the two pieces of legislation described in the welfare service act were part if this concept
truman doctrine
thi stated that the united states would provide money to contries that were threatened by communism
this policy held that huge arsenals of nuclear weapons on both sides prevented war
berlin wall
this was created to stop refugees from fleeing from east germany to berlin to escape communism
imre nagy
this hungarian leader declared hungary a free nation
thi s agreement of economic and monetary uunion in 1991 set provsions for eventual political integration of europe including common internal,
what is the name of the organization created by the maastricht
what organiization was created by the schuman plan
what organization was created by the treaty of rome
operatrion babarosa
german code name for the invasion of russia
vladimir putin
current president of russia elected in 2000. he launched reforms aimed at boosting growth and budget
literally means restructuring.
slobondan milosevic
he bacme leader of the yugoslavia republic of serbia in 1987. he rejected the attemps of slovenia croatia, bosnia, and macedonia
first indepentant national trade union organized in a socialist nation in europe - in poland
boris yeltsin
the coup in the soviet union failed when this man, president of the russian republic
leonid brechnez
became soviet leader when khrushchev was removed
lech walesa
worker in the gdansk shipyard, leader oft the national trade union
writer who played an important role in bringing down the comunist government of czechoslavakia
this was a policy in the soviet union which allowed the media to tel it like it is.
stage 1
preliminary shi
stage 2
stage 3
stage 4
stage 5
stage 6
calls estates general
3rd estate declares themselves national assembly
commune siez control
execution of robespierre
coup d'etat of brunaire
napoleon is abdicated and louis XVIII takes thrown