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What is the Carolingian Renaissance?
REvival of arts and learning
What kind of gifts does a lord give to a vassal
According to the code of ethics what did the kinights up hold
What was the main purpose of the magna carta
To limit rulers power
Main function of Feudalism
Lord and vassal
What is the name of the unwritten rules between the lord and vassal?
land for protection
How were serfs different from peasants
Serfs: Legally bound slaves

Peasants: Poor people but legal citizens(more rights than serfs)
What is Vernacular
A writing form involving personal feelings, everyday language
Why is Leonardo Da vinci a great example of the renaissance period
He was a painter,a scuplture and an inventor
What do humanists believe in?
Self gratification, everything that helps them and them only
Protastant faiths: Which on was first?
In what area did the Humanists have a impact on the society
Education and vernacular
What concept dominated economics through out the 17th century
What is the Dominant religion of South west asia
What is mercantilism and what does a nation depend on
Wealth and countries depend on wealth
What is balance of trade
exporting more goods than importing
What is Absolutism
It is total power/ control
What did john locke believe people were
Good, moral and molded from past experiances
Jean Jacques Rouseaus Socail contract was
A entire society agrees to be governed by their general will
Monteaquieus political thought impacted the US government by development of
Checks and balances
Adam Smiths theory of laissez faire
Shouldnt regulate the economy
new form of literature, greek and church
Declaration of rights and men:
Voting is a political right