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What were the 3 R's in New Deal?
relief, recovery, reform
What was the result of the invasion of Manchuria in 1931?
Marked beginning of Japanese agression
What was the result of Japanese expansion?
gave them control of most of Eastern Asia
How was labor situation in the war?

AKA how were unions?
Unions followed no-strike concept
How did farms become more efficient in 50's?
Went to large-scale farming, cut cost of production
Why did HUAC resume work after WWII?
Because of Stalin's belligerence, world communism
What was a result of the Freedom Rides?
Increased awareness of violence of white south.
What did the Warren court do?
Went furter in reform than any other court
What was the impact of the Miranda decision?
Protected the rights of the accused
What was the major thought of counterculture in the 60's?
Materialism? heck no, we won't go!
What was the issue that brought together the different elements of the counterculture?
How did Nixon view the past actions of the Supreme Court?
The court had been too generous in protecting criminals.
How did conservatives view the Warren Court?
They had not supported traditional values.
What was Nixon's China policy?
Promoted their entrance into UN.