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Book written by Elie Weisel, a holocaust survivor
Rabbi Eliahou
Son abandoned him, but he kept on looking for him
Moshe the Beadle
Warned Elie Weisel and his town of impending doom, but was not listened to
Night of Broken Glass-Hundreds of Jewish shops boycotted
White Paper
Outlawing of Jewish-owned shops
Various dates, Allies in German camps
Hiroshima and Nagasaki
Atom bombed, in order respectively, approxiametely 35,000 killed
Invasion of Normandy-June 6th, 1944
The Big Four
Countries who attended meeting to decide penalties of war-U.S., Britain, France, Italy
Nuremburg Trials
24 Nazis tried, 12 executed, 2/3 commited suicide, remaining jailed for life
WWI Weaponry-Refined vs. Unrefined
Artillery/Big Weapons vs. Smaller Arms
U.S. vs. Japan naval battle-U.S. victory
Archduke Ferdinand
Austrian president; assisnated, beginning WWI
Allies in WWII
U.S., Britain, France
Axis in WWII
Germany, Japan, Italy
All Quiet on the Western Front
Movie/Book banned in Germany
All Quiet on the Western Front
Anti-war movie from German point of view
Adolf Hitler
Rose to power in late 1930s, headed Nazi Germany during WWII
Isolated living section of town
Interment Camps
Camps in the U.S. where mass amounts of Japanese-Americans were placed during WWI