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How did Barbary pirates interfere with American trade?
Harrassed US sailors and demanded tributes (1789 to 1801) in the Mediterranean Sea
Barbary Coast States
North Africa: Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and Tripoli
forcing sailors from one country to serve on ships of another's (eg. US sailors forced to serve on British ships)
How did France and Britain challenge US neutrality?
- stopped US ships headed for trade with the other country
What was the Chesapeake-Leopard Affair?
British ship, Leopard, opened fire on US ship, Chesapeake, for refusing to stop in 1807; this infuriated both US parties.
Why didn't the US go to war right after the Chesapeake-Leopard affair?
Jefferson didn't think the US was ready to take on the strongest sea power in the world - wanted to find other ways to deal with the threat.
What non-violent means did Jefferson use to deal with France and Britain?
Placed an embargo on trade with France and Britain.
What is an embargo?
an official government ban
What was the Embargo Act?
1807 act prohibiting all US ships and cargo to leave for foreign ports
Did the Embargo Act help or hurt the US?
Hurt US trade and Jefferson's popularity suffered
What was the biggest effect of the Embargo Act?
it devastated the US economy
Who won the presidency in 1808?
James Madison (Republican)
What act replaced the Embargo Act?
the Non-Intercourse Act - it only prohibited trade with France and Britain
Did any of these anti-trade acts force France or Britain to respect US rights?
What was the Macon's Bill No. 2?
in 1810 Congress approved it, stating that if France or Britain respected neutral rights, it would cut off trade with the other country
How did Jefferson respond to the demand for more tributes to Tripoli?
blockade of Tripoli with warships
Who is Edward Preble?
captain of the 'Philadelphia', a ship that ran aground off the coast of Tripoli - he ordered the ship destroyed to avoid it being used by Tripoli
Who is Stephen Decatur?
an American officer who led a party to destroy the captured ship, "Philadelphia"
When did the payments of tributes to Barbary Coast states end?
1815 when the US signed a treaty with Algiers
Why was the struggle with Barbary pirates important to the US?
1. showed that the US needed a Navy
2. showed that the US would protect itself
Who blinked first, France or Britain?
France's Napoleon decided to end restrictions on US trade; Britain continued to attack US ships
When did James Madison stop trade with Great Britain?
March 1811
How did the British help Native Americans?
British in Canada supplied them with guns
Who is Tecumseh?
a Shawnee chief who in 1808 began to form a confederation of all Native Americans east of the Mississippi
a religious leader
What was the center of the confederation of Native Americans?
Who is The Prophet?
Tecumseh's brother
Where was the confederation of Native Americans founded?
in the Indiana Territory, where Tippecanoe River and Wabash River meet