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1882 agreement- Germany, Austria/Hungary, Italy- until WWI
Triple Alliance
alliance including France, Great Britain, Russia, against Germany
Triple Entente
American Imperialistic President, "speak softly and carry a big stick"
Theodore Roosevelt
German law making body, German naval dominance
admiral who led German navy into dominance
Von Tirpitz
event that triggered start of WWI- "domino effect" involving alliances
Asassination of Archduke Ferdinand
battle that Germany won at a cost of 337000 men
German submarines first used in WWI
British passenger ship sunk with American's among the dead
British intelligence intercepted message from German foreign secretary to German Ambassador- prompted American entry into war
Zimmerman Telegram
U.S. president during WWI
Woodrow Wilson
issued in 1917 by G.Britian- promised "establishment in Palestine a home for all Jewish People"
Balfour Declaration
commander of American forces in WWI
description of when armistice began that marked end of WWI- "all was quiet on the Western front"
11th hour- 11th day- 11th month
treaty that ended WWI
Treaty of Versailles
Pres. Woodrow Wilson's famous "multi-step" plan for peace
14 points
Wilson pushed for creation of this international organization as alternative to "perils of power and war"- U.S. never joined
League of Nations
Russian dictator- "crash industrialization"- murdered millions of Russians- "meet the new boss same as the old boss"
Joseph Stalin
futuristic author wrote 2 books with Russian dictator as model- 1984- Animal Farm
George Orwell
Fascist dictator "el Duce"- power in Italy in the 20's- under him Italy became part of "Axis" powers in WWII
Benito Mussolini
Fascist dictator of Germany- wrote Mein Kampf- Nazi party rose to power with German nationalistic pride
Adolf Hitler
far east nation invaded China in 30's- attacked U.S. fleet at Pearl Harbor
name for "merging" of Austria into Germany
chief British negotiator of Munich Agreement- called it "peace for our time"
N. Chamberlain
3 major allied powers in WWII
U.S.- Great Britain- Russia
3 major Axis powers in WWII
Italy- Germany- Japan
important allied victory in European theater- "consumed most of German armor and munitions"- broke spirit of German army
Battle of the Bulge
conference involving president Roosevelt of U.S.- Stalin of Russia- Churchill of G. Britain
Germany's treatment in terms of Treaty of Versaille- how did this impact later events?
economics went down- created Hitler's rise to power- enough resources that allowed them to build- most think Germany was treated harshly in Treaty
propaganda- how did German leadership seek to employ it's use?
use of mis-information to make personal country sound good- half truths that made others seem bad- all governments use it- we have freedom of speech so we know when it's used
evaluate the Munich Agreement?
shortly after Hitler violated the agreement- "appeasement" applied to Munich Agreement- there is a time and place for military action
"final Solution"
plan to eliminate the Jews- not just put them in camps
June 6-1944- longest land invasion in history- Normandy France- battle began the ending of the war
Iron Curtain
Winston Churchill- the communist world- didn't let Eastern Europe leave- Berlin Wall
Balfour Declaration- Zionism- U.N. Resolution 242
G. Britain recognized the declaration and said Jewish should have own homeland- Jewish pride in nationalism- Resolution to create homeland for Jewish
Mao-Tse-Tung/ "Chairman Mao"
leader of communist movement in China- (largest communist country today)
Enola-Gay/ Hiroshima/ Nagasaki
plane dropped atomic bomb on these 2 cities
WWII crime trials held there
Berlin Wall 1961- 1989
1961-Airlift Kennedy
1989- Wall came down