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1st Bull Run
*McDowell(Union) vs. Jackson & Beauregard(Confederate
*Confederate Win
*Strenghtened the moral of South
Fort Henry & Fort Donelson
*Union wins
*Wars in the west; forts protected important water routes for the Confederacy
*Grant & Buell(Union) vs. Johnston(Confederate)
*Union win
*bloodiest single battle
New Orleans
*Union advances
*New Orleans surrenders & gain ports
*naval battle
*Union Win
*all major Atlantic coast posts were under Union control
2nd Bull Run
*McClellan & Pope(Union) vs. Jackson & Lee(Confederate)
*Confederate Win
*weakened Union army
*Lee(Confederate) vs. McClellan(Union)
*Union win
*bloodiest day of Civil War; 1st battle in North; Emancipation Proclamation; France & Britain won't give South support
Battle of Fredericksburg
*McClellan & Burnside(Union) vs. Lee(Confederate)
*Confederate win
*Union armies lost more than half of men
Battle of Chancellorsville
*Hooker & Stuart(Union) vs. Lee & Jackson(Confederate)
*Confederate win
*Jackson is wounded and dies
Battle of Gettysburg
*Lee, Longstreet, & Chamberlain(Confederate) vs. Meade(Union)
*Union win
*turning point in the war
Siege of Vicksburg
*Grant & Sherman(Union) vs. Pemberton(Confederate)
*Union win
*Spilt Confederacy in 2; Mississippi River under Union Control
Battle of the Wilderness
*Grant(Union) & Lee(Confederate)
*Inconclusive outcome/Confederate win
*Union has extensive loses
Battle of Spotslyvania
*Grant & Sherman(Union) vs. Lee(Confederate)
*Inconclusive outcome/Confederate win
*heavy loses for Union
Battle of Cold Harbor
*Grant & Sherman(Union) vs. Lee(Confederate)
*Confederate win
*heavy loses for Union; 2 direct attacks on Confederates
*Grant(Union) & Lee(Confederate)
*Union win
*seige; Lee built defenses around city
*Sherman(Union) vs. Johnston & Hood(Confederate)
*Union win
*demoltion of Atlanta; railroad center of South
Sherman at Sea
*Union win
*took what the Union wanted then destroyed the rest; end of Southern resistance
*Grant(Union) & Lee(Confederate)
*Union win
*Union gained control of capital;Appomattox Court House
What were the North & South's advantages?
North: balanced economy(farming & industry), population, railroad mileage, number of factories, establish gov't, army & navy
South: leadership, morale, military tactics
What were the North & South's stragies?
North: naval blockade, seizing Confederate capital(Richmond), cuttin Confederacy in two
South: war of attrition, prepare & wait, relied on Britain and France for assistance
What was the importance of Vicksburg?
Vicksburg, Mississippi(on the River)
Dec. 1862 -->July 4. 1863
Grant, Sherman (Union) vs. Pemberton (Confederate)
Gain control of Mississippi River
siege-total war(involves everyone)
Union captures river & Confederacy spilt in 2, high point in war
What was the importance of Gettysburg?
Gettysburg, PA
(second Northern battle)
July 1-3, 1863
Lee, Pickett, Longstreet (C) vs. Meade, Chamberlain (U) + 150,000 soldiers
Confederates looking for shoes, Lee neede a victory in the North
Day 1-C win, Day 2-U win, Day 3-U win
Turning point, terrible losses, bloodiest battle
How did the superior manpower of the North and its greater ability to produce both crops and manufactured goods begin to affect the war in 1863?
The North's ability to produce crops and goods affected the war because the Union troops wer able to nourish themselves with food, while the Confederates starved and the Union was able to attack multiple times because they had plenty of machinary and ammo.