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Point one-A.K.A
King Chulalongkorn was also known as King Rama V
Point two-When did he rule Siam?
He ruled Siam in 1868
Point three-Teachers
His teachers were Robert Morant and Mrs Anna Leonowens
Point four-Places travelled
When he was still a minor, he went to Java, India and Singapore
Point five-The reforms
The reforms introduced by King Chulalongkorn were Social, Economic, Judicial, Educational and Administrative reforms
Point six-List social reforms
a. Ended slavery
b. Ended forced labour
c. Stopped prostration
Point Six-List educational reforms
a. Nobles' children forced to go to school
b. Prince Damrong as Minister of Education
c. Education department set up
Point six-List administrative reforms
a. Prince Damrong as Minister of Home Affairs
b. Siam was divided into 18 areas
Point Seven-Rule ended
His rule ended in 1910
Point six-List judicial reforms
a. Prince Rabi as Minister of Justice
b. Law school was set up
Point eight-How long?
37 years
Point six-List economic reforms
a. Increased trade with Western powers
b. Improved communication and Civil courts, courts of Appeal & System of criminal set up