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what is it called when you dont want to be involved with foreign affairs?
who was president from 1921 to 1923 and what party?
Warren G. Harding, republican
what did the president of the early 20s promise?
return to normalcy
what was the teapot dome scandal? who was involved?
warren g. harding is best remembered for this scandal. it involved a cabinet member illegally selling government oil reserves at the Teapot Dome in wyoming. he sold the oil to private companies to make himself money.
who were 2 pro-business presidents of the 20s? what party? quotes?
calvin coolidge (1923-1928)-quiet and passive "the business of America is business"
herbert hoover (1929-1932)-"whats good for business is good for america"
what is federal regulation?
the control the government has over private businesses. it increased in the twenties.
whats another word for wealth?
what type of production made automobiles more affordable?
assembly lines
what is a "spin-off" effect?
the production of more cars=more steel, tire, oil, glass, and paint production, etc
what new technology emerged in the twenties?
radio, motion pictures
why did many americans lose money in the twenties?
they bought items "on credit" and so went in to debt easily and couldn't pay the money back.
what is the word for a body of people that buy unecessary items instead of budgeting?
consumer society
what are installment plans?
people buy things on these plans which allows them to pay only part of the full price and then pay regularly to the companies plus interest for the rest of the amount.
what caused the great stock market crash of 1929?
increase in personal debt, uneven distribution of wealth (rich very rich, poor very poor), overproduction of certain goods that werent bought when everyone had one (cars, radios)
what followed the stock market crash? why?
the great depression. people had invested all their money in the stock market and then lost it.
why did the cities become more populated?
after the war soldiers had seen paris and exciting cities in europe. they didnt want to return to their boring farm life.
how did the youth of the twenties become rebellious?
clothing (shorter), hairstyle (boyish), language (slang), ILLEGAL DRINKING.
what was the law that made alcohol illegal?
how did the people try to break this law?
speakeasies - bars that secretly sold liquor
al capone- gangster who made alcohol illegally (this is called bootlegging)
what is the twenties adjective?
what group was reborn
KKK (ku klux klan)
fear of communism is called..?
red scare
what two immigrants were unjustly deported from the us? why?
SACCO & VANZETTI [they were excecuted for a crime they didnt do] red scare was so intense that the us started accusing people incorrectly because they were paranoid. they were also anarchists (people who believe that all types of government limit the freedoms of a perons)
what was the scopes monkey trial?
john scopes was a biology teacher at tennessee public school and was arrested for teaching the theory of evolution from apes. he denied Divine Creation and what the bible taught which was a crime in that state.
who were the people called who felt ALIENATED from the materialistic society?
lost generation
who was a famous american poet?
langston hughes. african american. he celebrated his heritage in contrast to the negative mainstream america.
what was the adjective for the 30s? and why?
depressing. the great depression, stock market crash. our economic system was collapsed. dust bowl. unemployment
where can you buy stock?
stock markets. new york(wall street), london, tokyo, hong kong are main ones.
what are shares
small pieces of a company's worth. you buy them from the company and you officially own part of it. the more shares you have the more money you get back if the company grows because your shares cost more. also the more money you lose if the company does worse.
what is a dividend
distribution of profits that the company you invested in get. stockholders recieve a portion of it a year.
people often take large risks when buying stock, hoping for a large return on their investment. what is this approach called?
all investments have a RISK-REWARD RATIO. what does this mean?
the greater the possible return, the greater risk of failure. the smaller the reward of money you get, the smaller the risk.
what is insider trading?
when people buy and sell shares/stock because they have heard in advance that a company is going to bring out a new product, or is doing badly. (martha stewart)
what is buying "on margin"? what happens if its poorly advised?
its like having a deadline to buy a car or house and you dont have all the money right then. you pay a "down payment" and promise to pay the rest later. IOUs. if it isnt advised well, people go into debt easily.
what else contributed to americas economic problems beside the crash? 5 things
income was poorly distributed. overproduced products and demand suddenly dropped. need for new sources of money to keep businesses afloat. high TARIFFS (taxes on trade imports) reduced foreign trade). insufficient government supervision of banks & businesses.
why did so many people go unemployed?
we produced half of what we used to and didnt need as many workers anymore. 25% jobless.
how did people get food?
bread lines, soup kitchens, churches, etc
what caused the dust bowl?
drought. this added to the depression
who was the president?
Franklin D. Roosevelt
what did franklin d. roosevelt promise?
NEW DEAL (he was going to propose new ideas to the economy)
what did franklin d. roosevelt end up doing when elected?
created agencies that were referred to as "Alphabet Soup". FDIC, SEC, CCC.
what is social security?
program that guarantees some money for the retired and old by taxing people that are working.
why was the government in debt?
FDR wanted to "prime the pump" (put money into society and make bridges, etc so that there would be work to do and jobs needed. less unemployment. we would get more money out). this is called deficit spending when we use more money then we get from taxes. we went into national debt.
how did FDR give hope to the american people?
fireside chats where he talked to the nation informally over TV. charisma. new oppurtunities (he elected blacks and women). he dealt with polio.
how did people try to forget the depressoin of the decade? famous people?
tv. movies. shirley temple was a famous child actresss. amelia earhart was a female aviator. lots of soap operas.
40s adjective? why?
two-sided. turbulent.
1940-45 was war, worry, sacrifice. 1945-1950 was peace, celebration, economic prosperity..freedom.
who fought in wwii?
allies - gb, us, france, russia (USSR)
axis - germany, italy, japan
what started the war? who did?
germany invaded poland. adolf hitler.
what type of fighting?
blitzkreig - means lightning war. fast pace, exciting, tanks, airplanes, bombing. unlike wwi
what was the battle of britain?
german airplanes tried to fly over the sea to england which didnt work. the english had radars that spotted the planes and stopped them before the bombing.
who was the london prime minister at the time?
winston churchill
what was the "blitz"?
english name for the bombing raids.
what policy did the soviets use in war
scorched earch tactics. they destroyed their own crops so that the german army would have nothing to eat, and starve.
what is D-DAY? when? who led it?
June 6, 1944. allies invaded normandy, france where there were germans. Dwight D. Eisenhower led this (general). we won.
what is victory in europe by us called?
wait, but i thought the us was isolating themselves? so how did we get into this?
the japanese wanted to be number 1 navy and we stood in their way. they bombed pearl harbor, hawaii, where we kept all our ships on DEC 7, 1941. we were mad. we joined the allies.
what are some ways we fought back at the japanese?
battle at the MIDWAY - midway islands were giong to be attacked by japs, but we met them there.
coral sea - to stop invasion of australia
bombing of IWO JIMA, HIROSHIMA, NAGASAKI in august 1945. killed so many with atomic bombs. japan surrendered a week later. called V-J DAY
how did the war affect america?
rationing of food such as butter and sugar. taxes increased. propaganda. innocent japanese citizens were sent to internment camps because of suspicion.
what does espionage and sabotage mean? who was rosie the riveter?
espionage- spying
sabotage-destruction of property we thought the japs would do this so we sent them to internment camps.
rosie was propaganda for womens power/rights, women could fill in mens jobs when they were in war
when was the baby boom. why?
after war ended. soldiers came home and so more kids. didnt want before because thought wartime might not be best to raise child, maybe dad wouldnt come home.
what did jackie robinson do?
crossed color line in baseball
who originally said we shouldnt get involved in europes business? what did he say?
George Washington. "no entangling alliances" permanant treaties or friendships with other countries
whats nato
North Atlantic Treaty Organization. it was an alliance
what happened after the war with us and the USSR?
cold war. no actual fighting, just lots of threats and bad feelings. the USSR had only paired with us against the greater evil in wwii. now we went back to hating each other
50s adjective? why?started and ended?
nifty. image of happiness, wealth, childhood innocence, oppurtunity. started with end of wwii and ended with death of JFK
what are some changes that happened to the fifties?
more spending money. the baby boom made lots of kids toys like hula hoops and frisbees. kids tv shows
what was creepy about the 50s lifestyle?
CONFORMING. means to stick to tradition or everyone share the same values and live the same way. same houses, etc. "perfect housewife".
popular musician?
ELVIS PRESLEY. he was rebellious in his dancing style and lyrics which the teenagers loved.
segregation acts?
Brown vs. School Board integrated the 9 black kids from little rock. "end segregation with all deliberate speed"
MLK Jr inspired people to fight for theier rights
rosa parks not giving up her seat led to the boycott of buses for over a year.
who found a vaccine for polio
Jonas Salk
who became president? why?
Dwight D. Eisenhower was elected since he was a war hero.
who are beatniks?
poets and free thinkers who reject materialistic values of 50s
movie star?
james dean. exposed how shallow the 50s were. he was a rebel
what were countries called that werent communistic. where did communism spread?
"Free World". korea, chila
who fueled rumors of communists?
Joseph McCarthy, Joseph Mc Carthy,Joseph McCarthy, Joseph Mc CarthyJoseph McCarthy, Joseph Mc CarthyJoseph McCarthy, Joseph Mc CarthyJoseph McCarthy, Joseph Mc CarthyJoseph McCarthy, Joseph Mc CarthyJoseph McCarthy, Joseph Mc CarthyJoseph McCarthy, Joseph Mc CarthyJoseph McCarthy, Joseph Mc Carthy.
who are reds and pink-os?
reds-real communists
pink-os-communist symphathizers
who bravely spoke out about the bullying of James McCarthy? what response did she get?
Margaret Chase Smith. she was the only woman in the senate. people ignored her
what did the USSR launch?
sputnik. first space satellite. 1957
what did americans constantly worry about that had to do with the cold war?
that the USSR would launch missiles on them. they practiced drop, duck, and cover drills incase of a "NUCLEAR HOLOCAUST"
60s adjective? why?
divisive. people were very divided on things, and their were large differences in opinoins and points of view. civil rights. vietnam war.
who was president? attributes?
John F Kennedy. youngest president ever. vigor. inspired more activity. "ASK NOT WHAT YOUR COUNTRY CAN DO FOR YOU, ASK WHAT YOU CAN DO FOR YOUR COUNTRY"
what were some of jfks works/
peace corps - send volunteers to developing countries
led throuhg cuban missile crisis - we thought USSR was shipping misiles to communist cuba so they coudl reach the us.
jfks assasination?
in dallas. november 1963
what was the warren report? what did it state?
investigation of jfk assasination. said it was by Lee Harvey Oswald
what did people think the cause of jfks death might have been besides lho?
fidel castro. CONSPIRACY THEORIES blamed mafia, USSR spies, CIA, vice president LYNDON B JOHNSON
who was the vice president?
who are freedom writers
black & white students that travel to south to help blacks register to vote
martin luther kings way of peaceful protest?
why didnt everyone follow mlk?
they thought civil disobedience wouldnt get anywhere. they preferred malcolm xs more violent ways, like rioting.
what are some violent groups that rioted?
black muslims, black panthers. they called for BLACK POWER, that people should fight for their rights.
malcolm x was a spokesperson for..?
NATION OF ISLAM "the day of nonviolent resistance is over"
what happened to jfks brother? what was his name/
robert kennedy. he campaigned for president too but was murdered. he promised greater equality
vietnam war supporters and againsters?
Doves - against.
Hawks - patriotism. for. thought was for good of stopping communism
what theory did the hawks believe in?
DOMINO THEORY - if vietnam fell to comm, surrounding countries would too. america itself would be threatened eventually. fight to stop chain reaction from spreading early
bumper stickers?
LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT - hawks telling doves that either they be patriotic to their country or move if not support government
CHANGE IT OR LOSE IT - doves. correct fault of american society or democracy would dissapear vietnamese should fight their own civil war. called hawks baby killers
what is escalation?
an increase in involvement in a war.we did this to try and win war faster. didnt work
we tried to win the...
win the hearts and minds of people and get to change to democracy

DEFOLIATE (take away leaves from jungles)
we wanted to get rid of the...
VIET CONG (comm vietnamese who went to south and caused trouble)
we wanted to bomb the..
supply lines to north
we could do what to the jungles,,
DEFOLIATE (take away leaves) using an herbicide called AGENT ORANGE so the enemy couldnt hide there.
none of these worked well
estab-traditional leaders and old ways of doing stuff
cc-youth. had own dress, music, language, sexual behavior. many dropped our
nicknames for counter culture?
hippies. flower children.
who was a famous counterculture figure? what was woodstock?
TIMOTHY LEARY. he was a harvard professor (!!!) who promoted drugs. he said "TUNE IN (get the message), TURN ON (get high), & DROP OUT. woodstock was a rock festival