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What is the Wilderness Road?
a trail that lead into Kentucky that Daniel Boone[BUIA!!!! lmao] helped build
What is a republic?
A form of government in which the people select representatives to govern them.
What are the Articles of Confederation?
A final plan created by the Continental Congress which created the national government. Passed in November 1777. In 1781, Maryland accepted and it becam official.
What is the Land Ordinance of what year?
LO of 1785. It called for surveyors to stake out six mile squared (townships) in the Western Lands.
What is the Northwest Territory?
it included lands that later formed Ohio, Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin + part of Minnesota PART!!!!!!!
What is the Northwest Ordinance of what year?
NO of 1787. It described how the NW Territory was to be governed. It set a pattern for the orderly growth of the USA
What is Shay's Rebellion and go into detail.
It was the uprising in Jan. of 1787 when Daniel Shays led a group of 1500 men on a federal arsenal (a place to store weapons) They lost. It resulted from high taxes.
What was the Constitutional Convention? When did it take place and Where?
1786-1787:: met in Philadelphia. 55 delegates attended. Discussed strengthening the government, amendments of the AofC, but they wanted to set up a strong but limited federal government. They all agreed that the government should preotect people's rights.
Who was James Madison?
"THE Father of The Constitution" He had read over 100 books on government. He was a federalist.
What was the Virginia Plan and who favored it? Who created it?
It was created by Edmund Rudolph. It proposed a gov. that would have 3 branches. The first would be the legislature[law makers] the second would be the executive [law enforcers] the third would be judicial [law interpreters]/ It also proposed a legislature with 2 houses:: in both houses, the # of reps. would be based on the states population or wealth. The legislature would have the power to levy taxes, regulate commerce, and make laws. The larger + wealthier states favored it.
What was the New Jersey Plan and who favored it? Who created it?
Created by William Patterson. The smaller states favored it. It called for a legislature with only one house with an equal # of representatives. It gave the legislature the power to regulate trade and to raise money by taxing foreign goods.
What was the Great Compromise?
Offered by the Committee. To satisfy the smaller states, each state would have an equal number of votes in the Senate but to satisfy the larger states, they set rep. in the House of Rep. according to state populations.
What was the Connecticut Compromise?
Another term for The Great Compromise
What was the Three-Fifths Compromise?
Under this compromise, 3/5 of the slave population would be counting in setting direct taxes on the states and 3/5 of the slave population would be used for determining representation
What is the significance of the date 1787?
On Saturday, September 25, 1787, the delegates voted their support for the Constitutionin its final form.