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Mutually Assured Destruction
-A check of any soviet advance
-Dont want to provoke or appease
-Created proxies like Cuba
Truman Doctrine
-Put Containment in operation
-Obligation to police world
-Milestone in foreign policy
-gave American conflicts legitimacy
Marshall Plan
Commencement speech which funneled foreign aid funds to eastern european countries so they might sympathize with US instead of USSR
idea of provoking USSE because if not, they will get stronger.
-Dulles was big proponent
Domino Theory
if one part of world submits to communism, others will too, inevitably
suggested that military increases were vital for containment. Military increased in budget, arms, etc.
A return back to the home life during the Great Depression. Feminism is very cyclical.
Great Society
Idea of building on New Deal to bring as much prosperity to as many Americans as possible. Medicare, War on Poverty, etc.
New Federalism
Return power to states and people, under Nixon
Country should determine foreign policy in terms of self-interest and power. Kissinger was proponent.
Democratic Leadership Council
Clinton formed it, focused on modernizing the democratic party by making it more moderate
Fiscal Discipline
Make sure that the only money thats spent is money thats actually possessed. No deficit spending.
Contract With America (1994)
Newt Gingrich and company created a series of plans that they promised to impliment if they were given power in the House of Representatives. They took control of both.
North American Free Trade Agreement. USA, Mexico, Canada.