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What does it take to be a classical civilization?
It survived long enough that people today might consider theirself a member of it's legacy.
Who first settled Early India ?
Aryan (Indo-Europeans)
Why did the Indo-European increase their trade when Persia conquered near by land?
Persia was so big, it was a massive consumer.
What were the Silk Roads?
Trade routes for cotton, silk, and other precious rarities.
How did Hinduism start?
Through a mixing of several other religions. There are no founders, no single group of texts or even certain gods.
What were the oral codes of being Hindi?
The Vedas
How did the caste system work?
You were born into the possition of your parents. You could only move up through being good in that life and not trying to gain more power.
What were the five Varnas (or levels) of the Caste system?
(English names will do.)

What was the sub Varna called? (specific jobs)
Jati. There were specific gods for each Jati, and you were supposed to know them all.
What were the Upanishads?
A collection of Sanskrit literature that recorded the Vedas.
What was the Hindi belief of the Atman?
Your individual soul.
What was the Hindi belief of the Brahman?
Your soul was part of a 'pool' of all of the souls in the universe.
What was the Hindi belief of Samsara?
What was the Hindi belief of Karma?
Weighs good and bad in your life. Do you move up a caste, down a caste, or stay put?
What was the Hindi belief of Dharma?
Caste Law.
What was the Hindi belief of the Moksha?
Ends cycle through unity with Bhraman.
What is the Bhagavad-Gita Hindu way of thinking?
Honor outwieghs family.
Follow Dharma over feelings. All you can be expected to do is your job, but do it well.
What are the beliefs of Jainism?
Every living thing has a soul. No castes, because you can't farm or do actual work, for fear of killing stuff.
What are the main problems with Hinduism?
People felt disconnected with the gods. Spread into sub-Hinduism religions in which they worshiped from home or with family.
Who is Siddhartha Guatama?
A prince who sees a nation of suffering and decides to give up his life of luxary to find enlightenment. Becomes Bhudda.
What is the main idea of the Four Truths of Buddhism?
Life is suffering. Suffering is from desire. Don't desire, and you don't suffer.
What is the biggest appeal to Buddhism in India?
It has no castes, so you get out of your old caste if you move into it.
What are the differences between Mahayana and Therevada Buddhism?
Mahayana was the new Buddhism and Therevada Buddhism was the classic Buddhism.
Was Buddhism a religious group?
Not the modern version. It was just a way of living. The Buddhism was only a god in classic Buddhism.
What happened to your soul after good lives of Buddhism?
Your soul was obliterated to free you from existance.
Who was the first group to unite India?
What did the Mauryans accomplish?
The wrote a guide on how to rule. Untited India.
Who was Asoka the Great?
Incredibly violent ruler of Mauryan Empire. Converted to Buddhism, then became nice and made highways.
Which philosophy did many Chinese leaders adopt?
What did the Qin accomplish as far as the writen or spoken language?
They made a common written script.
Who was Confucious?
Kong Fuzi
How was Confucism started?
Kong Fuzi couldn't find a job so he wandered, though he gathered followers to his wisdom.
What was the social order of Confucism?

People who contribute physical things to society are cool :D
What was the Confucious belief of Ren?
Courteous behavior
What was the Confucious belief of Li
What was the Confucious belief of Xiao?
Filial Piety
Who was Mencius?
A spokesman of sorts for Confucianism. He believe men were good by nature.
Who was Xunzi?
A spokesman of sorts for Confucianism. He believe men were evil by nature.
What were the five relationships of Confucianism?
Ruler > Subject
Father > Son
Older Brother > Younger Brother
Husband > Wife
Friend <> Friend
Be like water. Hated the action found in Confucianism.
Who was Laozi?
Founder of Daoism.
What is WuWei?
A method of thought that required students to have no acedemic education. Learning teaches of that you cannot change. Doing nothing, will, eventually, accomplish everything.
Harsh way of though. Punishment will fix any problem.
What did Legalism accomplish?
It unified China during the Waring States Period.
Gupta Empire?
A trade oriented empire smaller than the Maryan empire. Held states together through gifts from the higher-ups.
Zhou Dynasty?
Decentralized gvt. with lots of local power.
Mandate of Heaven
"I rule because God said so. To me. Only me, though. Man, you should have been there"
How do the Qin gain power?
Growing and calming China through Legalism?
How did the Qin Dynasty build its economy?
Moved farmers into the state. Gave farmers the land that the nobles once owned. Very standardized.
Han Dynasty?
Classical Chinese civilization lasting for hundreds of years.
Who was Han Wudi?
Han Emperor. Built schools to train officials.
Nomadic people who pester China alot.
The men without beards :)
How did the tear in the Han Dynasty occur?
A strong tear between rich and poor based on too much land for the rich, and too little for the poor.
How was Iron used in China?
In tools and weapons.