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Who married Scheherezade?
the sultan Schariar
Arabian Nights is also known as
Thousand and One Nights
Where does the phrase "Open Sesame" appear?
in "The History of Ali Baba" of Arabian Nights
Where did Muslim civilization begin?
The peninsula Arabia lays south of what?
Fertile Crescent
What were the nomadic herders of Arabia called?
Arabs, or Bedouins
Who ruled a bedouin tribe?
a sheik
What was the port on the Red Sea called?
What does the word "Islam" mean?
submission to the will of God
Where and when was Muhammad born?
Mecca, about 570
How old was he when he was orphaned, and with whom did he spend his childhood?
6; grandfather and uncle
True or false: Muhammad was illiterate.
Most pre-Muhammad Arabs were ---, or believers in many gods.
Muhammad was a believer in the sect called the ---.
Who did the Hanif believe they descended from?
Abraham, leader of the Hebrews
Who ordered Muhammad to preach, according to tradition, and what is God referred to as?
archangel Gabriel; Allah
How old was he?
True or false: Mecca's rulers accepted Muhammad almost immediately.
Mecca's merchants profited from the pilgrims who came to the ---. What is it called, and what did it hold?
Ka'ba; statues of many gods
The rulers persecuted Muhammad because he threatened
pilgrimage and merchant's livelihood
Where did Muhammad's followers go when they were persecuted in Mecca?
What was Muhammad's migration to Medina called?
hijra ("migration")
Muhammad returned to Mecca as the leader of what?
an army
Muhammad destroyed the ---.
idols in the Ka'ba
Most of Arabia had accepted Islam because
The fall of Mecca led people to believe that he was a powerful prophet; he converted many bedouins
When did Muhammad die?
What is a central belief of Islam?
there is no god but God and Muhammad is his prophet
What is the holy book of Islam called? What does it mean?
Qur'an; "recital"
The Qur'an presents God's ordinances and teaching as revealed to
True or false: Islam accepts Jesus as a prophet.
True or false: Muhammad disrespected Christians and Jews, and did not accept the Bible or Torah as God's revelations.
What is the common language for Muslims in religion, law, and literature?
What are the five important obligations called?
The Pillars of Faith
What does pillar 1 say to accept?
There is no god but God and Muhammad is his prophet
What does pillar 2 command?
Worship 5 times a day facing Mecca, the holy city of Islam
What is pillar 3?
Give alms (money or food) to the needy
What does pillar 4 command?
Fast (go without food or drink) from first light to sunset during the 9th month, Ramadan.
Why is Ramadan sacred?
It was the month in which Muhammad received God's revelations through Gabriel
What does pillar 5 say?
If possible, make a pilgrimage to Mecca at least once in your life
Islam requires and emphasizes the virtues of
temperance, humility, justice, generosity, tolerance, obedience to the law, and courage
Muslims are not allowed to drink --- or eat ---.
alcoholic beverages; pork
How many wives was a Muslim allowed to have (assuming he was fair to them)?
Up to 4
Could Muslims own slaves?
Yes, assuming they treated them humanely
Muhammad freed his slave --- who was from ---.
Balal; Ethiopia
Balal became a ---, or the person who recited the call to worship
What is the struggle to defend the faith called?
Anybody who died in jihad received
God's blessing and salvation in heaven
What is a Muslim place of worship?
a mosque
Images and statues are forbidden from being inside
Who guides an Islamic service?
any man who is learned in Islamic faith and law
What day mentioned in the book are Muslims called to pray at noon?
Women are required to pray at
home, or in a special section of the mosque
Who was called to be Muhammad's successor, and what was his relation to Muhammad?
Abu Bakr; father-in-law
What is the Arabic term for "successor to the prophet?"
Who was caliph after Abu Bakr?
Abu Bakr and Umar made policies aimed towards
conquering land ruled by non-Muslims
When did many conquests occur?
What did conquered peoples have to do?
either convert or pay annual tribute
True or false: Those who kept their religion and paid taxes still could not hold government office.
Name places where Islam spread.
Arabia, Palestine, Syria, Armenia, Mesopotamia, Persia, parts of India, and all of North Africa
What was the European invading tribe that converted to Islam?
Who was the general of the Berbers who led a conquest against the Visigoths in Spain?
What is the rock called that guards the strait between Africa and Europe?
Jabal Tariq (Mountain of Tariq) or Gibraltar
Muslims crossed what mountain range to enter into France?
What were Muslims of Spain called?
Who defeated the Moors in the town of Tours?
How long was Spain under Moors' rule?
over 700 years
What American author traveled through Spain in the 1800s?
Washington Irving
What book did he write about Islamic Spain?
The Alhambra
Where did he visit in province of --- in southern Spain?
the palace of the Moorish kings of Granada
NOT A QUESTION: Study chart on page 208 to learn about the world's religions.
NOT A QUESTION: Study chart on page 208 to learn about the world's religions.
Who believes that the only intermediary between believers and God was the Qur'an?
Who believes that a person, not the Qur'an, was the intermediary between God and believers, and that religious leaders should be political as well?
What was this person called, and what authority did he have?
imam; spiritual and secular authority
Can the Qur'an contain errors?
No, it is the word of God directly given to Muhammad
What are Muslim mystics called?
What did the sufis claim?
they could talk to God directly because of an inner knowledge
What was the one reality for the sufi?
that one reality is God, and faith in God is the only mark of a person's quality
Two of the most imporant Islamic cities were
Baghdad and Cordova
What is Muslim territory organized into?
The Muslim epire split because of a disagreement over
succession of caliph rule
What were the divisions of the empire called, and where were they located?
caliphates; Baghdad, Cairo, Cordova
The demands of trade increased
Name 5 goods the empire produced.
silk, cotton, linen textiles, tapestries, carpets
Name 3 things in great demand. Name 5 materials used in metal-made products.
jewelry, perfumes, spices; gold, silver, steel, brass, copper
Where were world-famous swords made?
Damascus, Syria and Toledo, Spain
Where were many artisans from who produced leather goods?
Tangier in North Africa and Cordova in Spain