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Politics in the Gilded Age
South and East were Democrats
North and West were Republicans
Republicans held power for 25 years = 2 concerns, power of the rich, and corruption
Spoils System
1820 - Andrew Jackson - gave gov. jobs for votes.
Merit System
1877- Hayes and Garfield ((mainly Garfield)) - offered jobs based on abilities and merits.
Civil Service Commission
1883 - Chester Arthur passed Pendleton Act - led to this which made a civil service exam, making ppl who want gov. jobs to take a test before
Interstate Commerce Act
1887 - Grover Cleveland signed this act which made gov. allowed to regulate business that crossed states, no more pools or rebates
Sherman Antitrust Act
1890 - Harrison - prohibited businesses from trying to limit or destory competition
Muckrakers - Authors
Expose bad practices to the public, corruption.
Some authors are Harriest Beecher Stowe, Jacob riis, Upton Sincalir
voters select their party's canidate
Voters can propose bills
Voters can vote directly on bills
Voters can remove officials from office
Progressive Amendments
16th amendment - income tax
17th amendment - voters can directly elect senators
18th amendment - prohibition of alcohol
19th amendment - women can vote
Prohibition of Alcohol ((18))
Women's Christian Temperance Union is created. Francis Williard becomes president. They get tehir own party, making it the longest 3rd running party in the US
Presidents of the Gilded Age ((in order))
Mexican Americana
Barrios - Ethnic Neighborhoods with language and culture.
Mutualistas - aid groups = insurance and legal advice
Asian Americans
Asian prejudice is high ((La and HI))
1906 - SAN FRAN - Asians in different schools
1907 - Gentlemen's Agreement - Stop sending Japanese, if women and kids came over with husbands.
1913 - SAN FRAN - Asians could not own land
Native Americans
Dawes Act made Native divide into plots with hopeless land Natives sold land.
Society of American Indians - educates whites about Natives - ends in 1925
Theodore Roosevelt
Wealthy NY life. Wnated to End corruption. Worked in state legislature. Served of Civil Service Commission
Head o fNY police
ROUGH RIDERS - military group
ICC set railroad rates
Pressed for conservation. Parks.
Square Deal
All people should have an oppurtunity to succeed ((TR)) - Farmers, concumers, workers, owners
Pure Food/Drug Act
1906 - List all ingrediants on packing
inspectors go around to factories
Bull Moose Party
1912 election -Republicans split their vote. ((TR))
William Taft
Former Secretary of War
Didnt enjoy power
Broke up most trusts
New Safety rules for mines
Pushed for 8hr work day
Raised tariffs
Woodrow Wilson
VA democrat
Pres. Princenton
Gov. of NJ
WANTS competition
Lowered Tariffs
Federal Reserve Act
1913- Banks can raise/lower interest rates - Woodrow Wilson
Federal Trade Commission
1914 - power to investigate companies/stop them from using unfair practices to destory competition -- woodrow Wilson
Clayton Antitrust ACt
1914 - Stops antitrust laws from being used against unions