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this person is responsible for the conquest of the incas
this person was commissioned to lead an expedition to the yucatan peninsula to find labor and to check on a report of a wealthy nation
Vasquez de Coronado searched through southwest unites states
de soto
spanish explorere who explorered flordia
henry IV
in 1602 this french king authorized merchants to creat colonies in north america
louis XVI
in 1663 this french king seized control of new france and made it a royal colony
anne hutchinson
was a devout puritain, and claimed to know which ministers had salvation from god
was sent by the french to america
this explorer was hired by french merchants to help them colonize the north america
in 1524 this explorer mapped the north american coastline for france
thomas hooker
founder of conneticut
william bradford
a seperatist who landed on plymoth
a chief of the Mohawk and founder of the iroquis league
a shaman or tribal elder and founder of the iroquis league
james rolfe
identify the individual who in 1616 developed an acceptable crop of tabacco which sold for a good price in england
thomas west
aka lord de la warr. was appointed govener with absolute power
john smith
englishman who was intramental in keeping the remaining colonists of jamestown alive. he explored the surrounding regian and began trade with indians
george calvert
aka lord baltimore. founded maryland.protestant member of parliament and converted to catholicism. he remained a good friend of king james and his son charles
john winthrop
was a walthy puritain attorney who decided to creat a refuge for puritains in america
roger williams
condemed the puritains who remained as part of the anglican church. the general court ordered him to leave he moved south and stablished providence
william penn
a quaker who founded pennsylvania
james oglethorpe
1720’s general James Oglethorpe, a wealthy member of parliament, was appalled to find that many people in England were in prison simply because they could not pay their debts. founder of georgia
special court in mexico who managed loval affairs its members were not only judges but administrators and lawmakers
coucil of the indies
they advised the king and watched over all colonial activities
the representatives of the assembly
enclosure movement
landowners converted thir estates into sheep farms because it was more profitable then evicted the tenant farmers
virginia company introduced a system in which settlers bought a chare of the company or paid for ther passage. they then received 50 acres of land and another 50 for each family member or servent
northwest passage
the northern route through north america to the pacific ocean
proprietary colonies
a colony where the owner could run the colony anyway they wished because they owned the land
joint-stock companies
companies who pooled the money of many investors thus giving them the funds to trade with and colonize other parts of the world
house of burgesses
identify the first assemlby elected by the jamestown to propose laws
royal colony
a colony which is placed under the control of the crown
fundamental orders of connecticut
this is the first written constitution in the colonies. it alowed all men, not just church members, to elect the governor and the general court
pequot war
erupts in 1636 and ends with a coalition of native tribes and connecticut settlers defeating large native american tribes
king philip's war
the beginning was marked when three Wampanoag were executed for murder and they retaliated. Metacomet was known as king Philip after the was there were not many natives in new England
seven years war
the french indian war
a group of puritain who broke away from the anglican church to form there own congragation
great migration
term for the movement which by 1629 had resulted in 20,000 settlers arriving in new england
colony's government people who owned stock in massachusets bay company
gerneral court
all the freemen together formed this
they made laws and elected the governor
maryland toleration act
this act granted religious toleration to all christians in maryland and was intetended to protect the catholic minority from the protestants
term for those born in spain and appointed to most of the higher government and church positions
these were the forts protecting santi fe
el camino real
name the connecting road throught california
term for those born of mixed spanish and native american parents
name for the conquistadors who were mostly low ranking nobles