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How did the women wear their hair?
in a Gibson Girl
After what artist was the Gibson Girl hairstyle based upon?
Dana Gibson
What stores could you buy mailorder from?
Sears, Roebuck, or Montgomery
What store was prominent in this time?
Where did writers compose the hit songs?
New York City, Tin Pan Alley
Who were the big composers of this time?
George Cohan and Irving Berlin
What did George M. Cohan write?
Yankee Doodle Dandy, and Over There
Irving Berlin wrote what?
White Christmas and God Bless America
What was the 1st skyscraper?
The Wainwright Building
Where was the Wainwright Building built?
St. Louis
Who designed the Wainwright Building?
Louis Sullivan
Who designed the Flat Iron Building?
Daniel Burnham
Where was the Flat Iron Building built?
New York
What other building did Daniel Burnham design?
Columbian Exposition
Where was the Columbian Exposition built?
Who designed Central Park?
Frederick Olmstead
Who designed the Brooklyn Bridge?
John Augustus Roebling
Where was the first flight(more specific than Kitty Hawk, NC)?
Kill Devil Hill
Who had the first flight?
Orville and Wilbur Wright
Who made US airplanes?
Glen Curtis
Who made the hand-held Kodak camera?
George Eastman
Where was the first Kodak camera made?
Rochester, NY
Who invented the movie projector?
Thomas Edison
What was the movie projector known as?
What was the small theatre which shows short films?
What was the first feature film?
The Great Train Robbery
Where was the feature film made?
Menlo Park
what epic movie did W.D. Griffith direct?
Birth of a Nation
What company did Henry Ford open up?
Ford Motor Co.
Where was Ford Motor Co started?
Dearborn, Michigan
What was the 1st affordable car?
Model T
What color was the Model-T made in?
What was the 1st department store?
Marshall Fields
What was the Marshall Fields slogan?
"give the Lady what she wants"
Where was Marshall Fields opened?
What was the first store to have lights?
Where was Wanamakers located?
Where was the first shopping center created?
Cleveland, Ohio
Where was the "White Glove Dining"
What was the first negro college?
Tuskeegee Institute
Where was Tuskeegee located?