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to take over a country and dominate it
idea that one race is better than the other
social Darwinism
"servival of the fitest"
indian soldiers
the part of India that was directly ruled by British
adding the territory (like Hawaii to US)
Monroe doctrine
that European powers couldn't take over he S colonies.....president Monroe
people that controlled a nation like a dictator
Panama Canal
a canal that runs between Mexico and S.America to helps ships go from ocean to ocean
Spanish Americaan War
Spanish had forced Cubans into concentration camps. America objected to their treatment so they helped Cuba get independence from the Spanish. War lasted 6 weeks.
Roosevelt corollary
extension of the Monroe gave the US ability to be an intrnational police power
Sepoy mutiny
indian soldiers refused the gus with meat on them because of their religion and rebelled against Britian.
Charles Darwin
strongest will survive, creator of darwinism theory.....he traveled on a ship keeping notes of plants and animals he saw and developed his theories through his notes.
a zulu chief, he created a large centralized state and good military in S. Africa
Ram Mohum Roy
modern thinking, and well educated indian. He saw his sister burned alive and he started to leaved old indian practices after that.
Queen Liluokalani
queen of Hawaii - she oppossed the annexation of Hawaii to the US and fought for Hawaii's independence.
Theodore Rosevelt
President of the US from 1932, after the depression had begun. Started a reform called the NEW DEAL which provided jobs for unemployed.
What were the reasons for European Imperialism?
control of land with raw materials, create markets for their goods, gain colonys for greatness and thought that wealth represented "survival of fittest"
What principle made social darwinism justification for European wealthy from Imerialism?
survival of the fittest
What did the Europeans have that was superior to the Africans?
They grew peanuts, palm oil, cocoa, and rubber. PPCR
What minerals did the Europeans take from Africa?
copper, tin, gold and diamonds
During Imperialism who was the most powerful force in India?
Ram Mohun Roy
Since the Indians resented the unfair treatment what did they begin to call for in the ealy 1900's?
What did western powers make Asian famers grow for export?
Why were Asian farmers eating less rice even thugh they were growing more?
because they were selling more
What kind of economic benefits did the local people of Asia get as a result of Imperilism?
none, schools weren't better, sanitation didn't improve
What did the US win as a result of the Spaish-American War?
possession of Puerto Rco, Guam and Philippiens
What did the US do when Queen of Hawaii tred to take back wealth from the American businessman?
the US overthrew her
What kinds of goods did Latin Americans export?
bananas, coffee, cocoa, sugar, coton and wool
What happened to Aatin American land as a result of the constantly borrowing of money from foreign banks?
foreigners came in and settled on the land.
What was the emphases of the two art movements that preceded cubism to make it possible.?
reinsaunce, and enlightenment ?????
What were the benefits and downsides of British rule over India?
Possitive: India became valuable and econmically rich (modern economy). A good railroad to connect them with others. Sanitation and schools improved.
Negative: They didn't like the British controlling them. Food production was slowed and famines (starving) occured. Indians felt British were trying to convert them to Christianity.
What did the US do to take a more active role in Latin American Affairs?
Spanish American War - helped Cuba free themselves from Spain. Invested in Cuba's economy. Gained control over Puerto Rico, Guam, and Philippines from Spain.
Jose Marti
helped organize a revolutionary army to gain Cuba's independence from Spain.
King Mongkut
showed his understanding of importance of progress and stopped the British and French from taking over Thailand.