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The formal withdrawal of a state from the Union
This term means a person that wants to do away with slavery
This term means slaves as pieces of property
This idea was developed by Stephen Douglass and states the people in the states should vote to decide if they want slavery or not
Popular Soventy
A loose alliance of states that act together on matters of mutual concern
He was a famous Senator from s.C. and said the South would secede if they couldn't have slavery
John C. Couhon
This Illinois man ran against Lincoln for the Illinois senate seat and won!
Little Giant/Steven Douglass
this famous senator and dorator from Mass. wroked to push through the compromise of 1850
Daniel Webster
he had such nicknames as Honest Abe & "Rail-Splitter" and was the first Republican elected to office since J.Q. Adams
Abe Lincoln
This Ken. Politician was nicknamed the great compromiser for saving the Union several times including the Compromise of 1850
Henry Clay
In 1846 this Penn. Dem Congressman added a provison to a pill calling for the exclusion of slavery from territory gained from the Mex. War
David Wilmot
He ran an anti-slavery press in Ill. and was one of the first people killed by proslavery people because of his views
Eleigh Lovejoy
Pres. lincoln called her the "Little Woman" that started the Civil War because of her book, Uncle Tom's cabin
Herriet Stowe
He believed he was God's agent on earth and dedicated his life to destroying slavery, he was hanged at Harper's Ferry for treason
John Brown
This political party redeveloped in 1854 as a reaction to the Democrats & slavery issues. It's a formation helped to bring on the war
This Radical Republican Senator slandered the South and Sen. Butler in a speech before Congress called the Crime Against Kansas
Charles Sumner
This Young Congressman from S.C. took a cane and beat a Sen. Senseless because that man had dishonored his family
Preston Brooks
This was the name given to the fight in Kansas between proslavery and antislavery forces
Bleeding Kansas
The South threatened to secede from the union if this republican candidate won, they even refused to have his name on the ballot
Abe Lincoln
This presidential canidate predicted that there would be a war over slavery in his "house divided speech"
Abe Lincoln
This man invented the cotton gin, thus causing a raid expansion of slavery into the Deep South
Eli Witney
This runaway slave nicknamed "little moses" had a reward on her head becasue ashe was a conducter on the Underground Railroad
Harriet Tubman
This famous Supreme Court case in 1857 further defined the status of slavery and made it a permanent insitution
Dred Scott
This runaway slave who worked to buy his freedom was a gifted writer & orator, wrote Slave Narratives and was an Abolitionist
Fredrick Douglass
This author and newspaper editor was known as the "golden trumpet" of abolitionist oratory
Wendell Phillips
This deal made in 1820 said the ME could enter the Union asd a free state and MO could not enter as a slave state. No slavery abolve 36 30
Missouri Compromise
This act was introduced in congress in Jan. 1854 by Stephen Douglass and said people in the terr. should vote to decide if they want slavery
Kansas/Nabraska act
This act was passed in Congress and said that it was illegal to help a runaway slave and if caught doing so a person could be fined and imprisoned
Fudgetive Slave Law
This political party developed in 1854 as a reaction to the growing numbers of immigrants and Catholics entering the country
This compromise came about when California requested admission as a free state in violation of the Missour Compromise
Compromise of 1850