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Who was Athena(e)?
The goddess of wisdom, war, weaving and other handicrafts.
What kind of freedoms did Spartan women enjoy while other Greek females did not?
Their children were gone after they reached the age of six or seven and their husbands were off fighting. They had the house to themselves almost all the time, very peaceful.
Who were Euclid and Pythagoras?
Euclid was the geometry guy and Phythagoras was the triange guy.
There is one king; Mycenaeans
What are myths and how did Greeks use them?
They were traditional stories passed on from generation to generation. Greeks sought to understand the mysteries of nature and power of human passions. They used them to tell stories.
What were the differences between Athens and Sparta?
Spartans were more interested in body strengths but Athenians were more interested in mind strengths. Spartans were better warriors, but they weren't as smart as Athenians.
Who wrote the Illiad and Odyssey? What was he?
Homer; Minstrel
Nobility, heredity and land ownership determined leaders. Used in Athens (594 BC)
Who were the Dorians? Did Greek civilization thrive under their rule?
They were people who moved into Greece after the Trojan war. They are distant relatives of the Bronze Age Greeks. Far less advanced then the Myceneaens. Their economy collapsed and the trade stopeed, they temorarily forgot writing.
What does a Greek democracy entitle a citizen to? How many were actual citizens?
Any free male citizen could be involved in the gov't. But only 20% of the population were free male citizens.
Who was the King of gods and ruler of mankind? Who was his wife?
Zeus; Hera
Ruled by asmall roup of wealthy citizens. Used in Sparta.
Who were the Myceneaens? What kind of people were they?
They were people who settled on Greek midland around 300BC. They fought in the Trojan war vs Troy. They had warrior kings, Ahtnes and trojans plunderers/ Small city-states **EARLY GREEKS
Direct Democracy
Ruled by citizens. Majority rules. Used in Athens (461 BC)
What was the Trojan war? and how did it start? when?
It was a ten year war between the Trojans and the Myceneaens. 12000BC when a Trojan man stole the Greek king's wife, Helen
Were tyrnats bad rulers? Whose concerns did they represent?
No, they weren't bad leaders. They appealed to the peasants and got their support.
What happens in 520 BC?
Darius defeats Athenians. Persa conquers Ionia and Greece revolts.
What was the role of a Greek slave?
They tought the young children things about school and did all the drty work.
Who were Draco and Solon and how were they involved with making reforms?
Draco wrote the first legal code of laws including debt slavery. Solon was an entrusted nobleman who outlawed debt slavery, introduced legal concept that anyone could bring forth charges against a wrong doer and neglected landforms.
Cite 3 facts about Alexander's early years.
He had Aristotle as a teacher. He learned to ride horses, use weapons and comand troops. He destroyed Thebes when they revolted. And he trained an unouchable horse who was afraid of shadows.
What happens in 490 BC?
The Persian fleet carried 2,500 men to Marathon, where 10,000 Athenians waited for them. The Persians fled. Marathon- Phedipidese ran 25 miles and died.
Who was aristotle?
A student of Plato who questioned the nature of the world and of human beleifs, thought and knowledge. He invented a emthod for arguing according to rules of logic. His work provided basics for scientific method. He tutored Alexander and founded the Lyceum.
What happens in 480 BC?
Darius was dead and Xerces was made king who tried to crush Greece. They collided at Sloamis on Athenian land. The THe greek attacked relentlessly, Xerces could not conquer Greece.
Talk about the last years of Alexander's life- what did he do before dying at age 32?
He wanted to organize and unify his empire, to make new cities, roads and harbors and to conquer Arabia.
Who was Plato?
A student of Socrates who wrote the Republic. In his ideal society, all citizens fel into 3 grups: Artisans/farmers, warriors and ruling class. He thought the person with the greatest intelect and insight from the ruling class should be chosen as philosopher king.
After Philip's murder in 336BC, who became king of Macedonia? What term is he known by in history?
Philip's son, Alexander became king. Alexander the Great.
What was the Peloponesian Was in terms of who fought, why, how long, and what was the outcome?
The war was between Sparta and Athens. They fought becasue Athens thought they were superior and tehy tookt he money from the Delian League.
What capitals did Alexander's army next occupy?
Babylon, Susa and Perepolis.
What were Pericles's goals for Athens? How did he accomplis them?
#1: To strengthen Athenian Democracy by increasing the number of paid officials
#2: To enlarge wealth and power of Athens by using money from the Delian league's treasury to build a 200 shop navy to protect it's empire.
#3: To use money from the empire to beautfy Athens by persuading athenian assembly to vote huge sums of money to buy gold, ivory and marble.
After rejecing Darius's offer to take the western 1/3 of the Persian Empire, where does Alexander head next in his plan to conquer the ENTIRE Persian Empire?
Who was Socrates?
He was a strong critic of the Sophists who beleived that absolute standards existed for truth and jutice. He said that the unexamined life was not worth living. He wanted people to look inside themselves. The Socratic method was that questions would keep on coming and never stop.
What and where is Macedonia? How did the Greeks view them?
It's a kingdom north of Greece with rought mountains, a cold climate, and tought people who lived in mountain villages. The Greeks viewed them as uncivilized foreigners.
What are the three major factors that impacted early Greek civilizations?
Climate, Land and Water.
How do these people greet the great warrior?
They crown him Pharoah / liberator.
Onto which continents did Alexander's empire reach at it's peak?
Asia, Africa and Europe.
What did Alexander seem obsessed with after leaving Persia?
Expanding his empire to the end of the Asian continent.
What city does he name after himself? How many are there?
Alexandria; 12
With Greece now secure, Alexander next plans to invade______. Wtih his victory at Granicus, he now faces the great Persian King, ______ who vows to crush _______. Victory gave ____ control over______.
Persia; Darius III; Macedonia; Alexander; Anatolia
Whta happened at Chaeronea in 338BC? What ended here?
Phillip defeated the Greeks and ended Greek freedom and independence.
Why was his army's morale so low after winning a fierce battle in the Indus Valley in 327BC?
They had fought a fierce battle vs. Indians, fighting for 11 years and they had marched over 11,000 miles. They were homesick and turned back.
Cite 3 facts about Phillip II's battle tactics. Who did he plan on attacking next?
He organized troops into phalanxes. He used fast-moving calvary to fight Northern opponents. He planned to attack Greece and Persia.
What battle finally ended Darius's Persian Empire and power? What type of new weaponry was used?
Guagamela; chariots with scythes protruding from the wheel hubs.
Did the generals who took over his empire after his death continue to rule in teh same tradition?
No, they ignored the traditions and ruled with complete control over their subjects.
Why did so many Greeks follow him on his campaigns?
They admired his strengths and how he let the people contunie their traditions and cultures they way they wanted.