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War of 1812
British practiced impressment with the indians and the americans tried to stop them for years. british ships were stopping american ships and removed their men to serve in the british navy. congress then approved madisons call for war, known as the war of 1812.
Other names for the war
2nd war of Independence and Mr. Madisons War
Clay & Calhoun
Clay- (Kentucky)
Calhoun- (NC)

new members representing farmers who lead the War Hawks

they want more land (Canada)
want defense of national rights (free traveling)
nationlism-think this is the best country
this is because they are extremists
War Hawks
ppl from S & W who want war
want to stop Native American attacks in west
not from NE-destroys ecomomy
Battle of Tippicanoe
Harrison attacks Indians and winds because Indians not prepared
Indians think they win
Prophet is killed
gov. of Indians, doesnt like them

cursed by Tecumseh

was pres for 6 weeks then died of pnemonia
Red Stick Conspiracy
Tecumseh gathers ind. and wants them to come together and fight against the whites
Shawnee chief
curses pres.
desides to get rid of whites on their land
black sheep, shawnee
talks to god
Tecumsehs brother
US Prepared for war
small navy (16 battleships)
small army (old leaders and ppl)
poor credit (no $, no bank)
land war
us thinsk they can beat britain by invated canada
but they lose because they were poorly equipped

harrison defeated british and native amer tho
war @ sea
Americans win a number of battles at sea

Eng. uses blockade "ships of the line"

Amer. has defeats and Chesapeake is captured
a frigate-battleship
"old ironsides"

Isaac Hull
battleship, the U.S.S. Constitution
Eng. uses blockade
ships of the line
the blockade the english use
defeated british at battle of lake erie
enabling US to control that lake and protect a stretch of its north border
Battle of Lake Erie
british defeated
naval battle
after this british blockade,stop trade and attacks from Amer frigates
Washington DC
British enter capital and started fires around the city. White house & all gutted with flames
Dolly Madison
Pres. wife, saves white house things, warned of approach of the british
Francis Scott Key
witness british bambarding toward baltimore and fort mchenry...wrote star spangled banner
New Orleans
after treaty of ghent signed and war was ended
remarkable victory for US. ended unhappy war on a positive,powerful note.
hero after new orleans
general, led solders
treaty of ghent
ended war, reps met in belgium
old boundaries restored.
both sides realized they could not win
Monroe Doctrine
monroe concerned about paying years of warfare
1. US not get involved in internal affairs of euro countries nor take sides
2. US recognized existing colonies in western hem would not interfere
3. US would not permit further colonization in western hem
4. euro powert attempt viewed as hostile action
election of 1824
Crawford-S (sick)
J.Q. Adams-NE
Clay-W (sec of state)
Jackson-W (war hero)

all need electoral votes
corrupt bargain
jackson won most pop votes
no candidates got majority electoral
adams made clay sec of state

adams and clay made a corrupt bargain (clay had kentucky vote for adams)
adams wins
internal improvements
more roads and canals
use waterways-improve economics
amdans wanted it payed with protective tarris not taxes
house of rep
chooses pres during election of 1824
election of 1828
john q adams-whig
jacsonian democracy
less welathy voters b/c white men allowed to vote
tax on foreign goods to increase foreign industry
benefited N but made S pay
SC wanted to secede
Doctrine of Nullification
SC states they can declare lawes null and void (not in affect)
SC doesnt follow tariff
SC, vp, leads doctrine of nullification
wants to secede, doesnt acree with tariffs, wants to nullify (reject)
SC declared tariffs this
Jacksons Force Bill
states cant declare laws null and void
keep breaking deals with them
GA, US has most issues with them
adopt whitemen ways (house, farm, work)
gold found on their land so tey are now forced to leave b/c amer. want their land

nobody represents them so cant go to court b/c they arent white men
Worcester vs GA
take GA to court, GA wins b/c
1. not citizens
2. not foreign country

Wor. wins b/c they are now a citizen
represents cherokee, white citizen
Trail of Tears
Ind. forced by army to move in winter with nothing... 1/4 die
Jackson issues Ind. Removal Act-saying they must leave
gives $ but never spent on ind.
US gets ind. gold
jackson believes in hard money (gold and silver)
head of bank
veto reasons
1. unconsitutional to charter bank (elastic clause)
2. bank only makes the rich, richer
3. only STATES can charter a bank
pet banks
prive banks

Jackson has problem, no place to put $
has $ from tariff, bonds, and land sales
uts $ in pet banks
only sec that would put $ in pet banks
Specie circulate
gov lands must be sold in gold
election of 1836
jackson scared to run again

Van Buren-jackson picked him, was jacksons sec of state
Panic of 1837
1. banks closed
2. land sales reduced
3. high unemployment
4. factores closed
5. roads stop being built
Van Buren
was jacksons sec of state
wins president in 1836