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What was the name given to Columbus' plan for reaching Japan abd the rich trade of the east by sailing west from Europe
The Enterprise of the Indies
Name the 3 reasons why Columbus wanted to sail to Japan.............
1)to find a new trade route to China and the east
2)the disire to spread the Christian faith to distant lands
3)the thirst for gold, wealth, geographical knowledge and adventure
Continue to answer the next 2 in the question above
4)to gain honour and fame
5)to extend the power and influence of Spain
Colunmbus was not the first European to reach "The New World"...who were?
the Vikings of Norway and the Irish.They had sailed the North Atlantic 600 years before Columbus
Why was Columbus known as the first man to reach "The New World"
because all reacords of the Vikings and the Irish had been lost
All together Christopher Columbus made how many voyages to the West Indies?
four (4)
Name four (4) benefits that Queen Isabella of Spain expected to gain from Columbus' voyages
1)trade market for Spanish goods
2)the control of new Spain routes
3)honour, fame and glory
4)to Christianize the pagans
Name the three (3) more benefits the Queen expected to gain....
5)to Increase the number of subjects
6)ownership of land and precious metals to be discovered
7)the use of aquirred wealth to finace compaigns against rivals for expansion
Name one (1) benefit that Queen Isabella promised Columbus
1)Admiral in all lands to be discoverd and the title to be passed on to his heirs in perpetuity
Name the other benefit that the Queen promised him
2)Viceroy and Governor General of all the land to be discovered and in each teritory the right to nominate 3 persons from whom the queen would apoint 1 governor