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First Hundred Days
the initial forays into fixing the troubles with the Great Depression, when congress let down its political hair and both parties worked together for the greater good
3 R's
1) Relief
2) Recovery
3) Reform
they all start with R....
1st thing FDR does when he comes into office
issues a bank holiday, which basically shuts down banks; this stems the panicked flow of withdrawals and gets people time to clear thier heads again; congress will reopen a bank when it has been evaluated and deemed healthy enough to continue on in the current economic climate
FDR doesn't ditch it, but he makes 3.2 beer legal then taxes its production and selling so that the government can have money for his New Deal projects
3.2 beer
Civilian Conservation Corps; young men are brought out to camps in the boonies to work on conservation projects, fighting forest fires etc., and required to send some of thier money home, as living expenses and such are taken care of by the government employers, so that the money trickles back into economic circulation
Alphabet Soup
Agricultural Adjustment Act; created the Agricultural Adjustment Administration, which helped farmers meet obligations on thier mortgages by letting out VERY low interest loans; it set artificial prices on goods (this detriment to competition was overlooked in the face of economic crisis); started paying farmers subsidies to not farm some of thier land to decrease over-production
ABC soup
Tennessee Valley Authority; provides federal money to build dams and power plants, bringing electricity to ppl in the area and creating jobs, electrical pwr brings ppl into the 20th century
ABC soup
Home Owners Loan Corporation; gave loans to ppl to help pay thier mortgages on the basis that nobody w/a family can focus on thier work if they've been evicted from thier homes
ABC soup
National Recovery Administration; reduces competition outside the farming industry, wrote up manuals of work hours etc. for big businesses, got economy moving thru lack of competition; blue eagles on windows
the Supreme Court shoots down the NRA b/c it begins to have an overly socialist feel to it
ABC soup; nothing to do with guns
Glass-Steagall Act
1) banks can no longer invest money in Wall Street--> regulates invesments of banks
2) Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation created, insures up to $5000
Reciprical Trade Agreements
FDR talks w/other countries (Europe), b/c EVERYBODY is in an economic slump; agree to mutually lower trade barriers b/c it was too expensive to buy imported stuff
trade barriers
Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)
oversaw WallStreet and prevented crooked dealing;
1) 33 Act--have to be transparent, as well as publish an annual report
2) 34 Act--must register with the government

SEC is essentially a watchdog organization
insider trading
Works Progress Administration; construction projects to give people jobs; artists and scholars are given jobs to document the times
Steinbeck counted dogs
Frances Perkins
1st woman cabinet member; Secretary of Labor
cathleen played her in "Annie"
Father Charles Caughlin
catholic preist with a radio show; at first he was for FDR, but then got pissy b/c he said FDR wasn't doing enough for the poor
critic of FDR
Huey P. "Kingfisher" Long
Louisiana politician who hated FDR's guts and could out-promise him, so he scared him; had the "Share Our Wealth" program; conveiniently assassinated
hated FDR
Election of 1936
beats Alf Landon
Supreme Court disaster
wants to get more liberals into the SC b/c it keeps shooting down his New Deal programs; wants a new judge added for every justice ovr 70
knocked FDR to his knees
Roosevelt Recession
Government stops putting money into economy and it goes into a recession; late '30s
What was going on in the 1930s
1) Japanese invade Manchuria
2) rise of Hitler and Moussolini (Nazis and Fascists)
3)The Spanish Civil War, rise of Franco
Neutrality Acts:

buy your war supplies with cash and take it away with your own ships if you want us to supply you
Sept. 1, 1939
German invasion of Poland
War officially begins in Europe
Selective Service Act
men 21-35 are drafted, then increased to 18-45;
800,000 drafted that year
the Destroyer Deal
FDR trades 50 destroyers, which would serve as escourts for commercial ships, from WWII for the lease of 8 British naval bases for 99 years
election of 1940
beats Wilkie
lend weapons until end of war, when they'll be given back; like lending a neighbor your garden hose to put out a fire
Atlantic Charter
Churchill and FDR meet in secret on "The Prince of Whales" and agree to the A.C., which states that they're not in this war for territorial gain
b/c the Japanese are continuing to expand thier empire....
....FDR has congress freeze thier assests in the US so they can't get oil and have to go a-pilaging; oil embargo (we sanctioned them)
a-pilaging we will go, a-pilaging we will go, a-pilaging we will go, hi-ho the dairy-o, a-pilaging we will go
Admiral Yamamoto
tells other officers “I studied @ Harvard; you may be able to knock the US down, but they have the machinery to pop back up, so if you want to do this, you better level everything, because if you don’t, it’ll only be a matter of time before the US raises back up”
Japanese are considering an attack on the US
Bataan Death March
On this death march, you weren’t allowed to eat or drink water, if you were weaker you might collapse, and depending on where you were you could be shot and killed on the spotit all depended on what soldier was next to you, one might give you a little water and help you up, another will shoot you on the spot
Corrigidor--REMEMBER THE ALAMO!...sorta
(marines) who are still in the Philippines retreat, hoping that someone would come to rescue them—but it’s not going to come, so leader, seeing that they were out of food and stuck, and not wanting a bloodbath, surrenders; they are transferred to the mainland of the Philippines and forced to march to a prison camp on the Bataan Death March
Gen. Douglass McArthur
controlled the war in the Pacific
Battle of Midway
turning point, when US destroyed 4 integral air-craft carriers, we destroyed the Japanese offensive and stuck them back on the defensive because they don’t have enough carriers to go out on the offensive; this was the turning point in the war in the pacific
Operation Torch
Gen. Omar Bradley and Gen. George S. Patton were big deals in N. Africa
After they took care of Africa, they could cross the Mediterranean and hit Italy; it did give them fighting experience too, which was cool
Gen. Rommel was in charge of N. Africa
Vichy France
puppet government of the Nazis in France
would skip over certain islands that they didn’t need to waste the blood on one or another, gain the airstrips on the islands so they can take off bombers to fly to Japan to bomb Tokyo
cross-channel invasion
biggest invasion; Marshall commanding war @ FDR's side, tells to give comission to Eisenhower; hedges
Solomon Islands—HORRIBLE fighting and horrible conditions because it was during the rainy season
Gen. George C. Marshall
FDR's hand man, and he knows that whatever General gets this command will be a hero throughout history, and he wants to reward Marshall, but he has a dilemma: if he gives Marshall the command, he’ll be stuck over in England and FDR won’t have him in D.C. to help himout of loyalty Marshall decides to stay with FDR; FDR asks who Marshall would suggest to give the command to: suggests Eisenhower
June, 1944; Operation Overlord goes into effect, see cross-channel invasion
fighting amidst the hedgerows
ten foot tall hedges which bordered along fields through which they could be shot, but when they broke through beyond it, there were fields that were also bound by hedges so they could just shoot you right through the hedgeshorror of the random chance of the shooting and the fighting
Battle of the Bulge
swansong of the Axis—the American line was in Belgium, the germans massed most of their troops at a central point, knew it was the last attempt, want to drive through the lines and attack from behind (see paint); in actuality, the lines only bulged (see paint)
April, 12, 1945
FDR dies
The Atomic Bomb
Manhatten Project—code name for bomb which they hoped would end the war; big contributors: Einstien, Ferme and Oppenheimer
soooooooooo...the fighting in Japan sux as, b/c everybody is dieing, and it sux, so....
Truman bombs Hiroshima and Nagasaki
Enola Gay
Bomber that dropped both bombs...i can't believe i hav to know something like this; piloted by Tibbet
MacArthur stays in Japan to...
help set up constitution and stuff
Japanese internment camps
all japanese and those of japanese ancestry living in the boonies w/o movie theaters or american idol stuck in the midwest b/c their yellow (this approved by Kayoko Hirata)
now are we done?
no...V-J Day
V-E Day
Victory in Europe Day, May 8
V-J Day
Victory and Japan Day, August
official Japanese surrender
Sept. 3, surrender on the USS Battleship Missouri