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gallipoli campaign
europe decided to invade ottoman empire, fought turks, lost 250,000 people and then pulled out
first battle of marne
4 days, germany tried to invade France
second battle of marne
germany tried to invade france and us pushes them out
trench warfare
germ built long trenches to attack...if you left you were dead
unrestricted submarine warfare
germ torpeded any ship without warning--made us enter war
zimmerman notes
germ ambassador living in mexico-germ attack us through mexico and take land back
14 points
proposed by wilson
paris peace talks
32 germ or russia....signed treaty of versailles
treaty of versailles
ended WWI june 28 1919....5 yrs from ferninand murder
legacy of ww1
8.5 mil died, 21 mil wounded, countless civilians died
league of nation
peace group 14th point
aviation in the war
biplanes, led to commerical airplanes
central powers
germany, austria, italy, bulgaria, ottoman empire
us britain france russia and japan
western front
region of n france where allies and central powers battle each other
1890s, glorfying military
nation's compete for colonies
deep devotion to one's nation
league of nations
formed after ww1 to keep peace between nations
freedom of people to decide what form of government they wish to live under
every resource went towards soldiers
big 4
wilson-us, clemenceau-france, geroge-britain, orlando-italy
triple alliance
germany austria itlay
triple entente
britain france and russia
lawerence of arabia
brit officer, joins arab nation allies and takes over jeruselum baghdad and damascus
14 points
1)put end to secret treaties 2)freedom of the seas 3)free trade 4)reduction in armies and navies 5)adjustment to colonial claims next 8-change borders, create new nations, self-determination of people 14-league of nations