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Benjamin Disraeli
wrote novel Sybil - Forged Tories into conservative party and pushed Reofrm Act of 1867. Alternated w/Gladstone as Prime Minister.
protesters who drew up People's Charter - demanded male suffrage, annual parliamentary elections, and salaries for all members of parliament. Key demand was secret ballot
Queen Victoria
longest reign in British history - strict code of morals and manners - values = duty, thrift, honesty, respectability abd hard work. Middle class thrived under her reign
William Gladstone
led the Whigs/liberal party - pushed for Reform Act of 1867
Liberal Party
Gladstone - House of Commons pressed ahead w/social reforms, but met dfeeat in House of Lords. Vetoed any attmep to raise taxes on the wealthy peopel - 1911 liberal governent passed law restricting rights of House of Lords - became symbol w/no power
House of Commons vs. House of Lords
Conservative Party
Disraeli - pushed thorugh reform Bill of 1867
Georges Boiulanger
rallied royalist and ultranationalists eager for revenge on Germany - commited suicide when accused of plotting to overthrow the republic
commited suicide
reform Act of 1842
working conditions started to be regulated in factories --> women and children could only work 10 hr days
working cond.
Paris Commune
1871 = uprising - Goal: save republic from royalists. rebels wre called communards
reform Act of 1832, Social Welfare Laws, reform act of 1867
expanded electorate, gave health and unemployment insurance to working class citizens, gave working class men the right to vote and established secret ballot
electorate, insurance, working class
Corn Laws and Slavery
high tarrifs on imported grain and abolished salvery in all Birtish colonies
imported grain, britsh colonies
Fabian Society
promoted change and reofrm thorugh legal rather than violent ways
non violent
Emmeline Pankhurst, Womens Suffrage
leadiung suffragist who thought aggrexive way was only way - She would interrupt speakers in Parliament w/things such as "VOtes for Women!" Held petitions and huge public demonstrations - arrested and jailed, given right to vote in later 20th century
womens rights
Catholic Emancipation Act of 1829
granted Irsih the right to vote and hold government office.
Irish rights
Provisional, Coalition, libel, and premier
temporary (3rd Republic), alliances w/various parties, the knowing publication of false and damaging statements, and prime minister
vocab words