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the quest for colonial empires
Henry Cabot Lodge
convinced people to grow towards the idea of imperialism to maintain economic and military strength
Alfred Moyer Mahan
member of US Naval War College was a supporter of imperiaLISM, and he wrote, “The Influence of Sea Power upon History.”
Hawaiis major cash crop
Hawaiian king who granted the US right to Pearl Harbor as a naval base
government bonus payment
sister of Kalakaua; was a champion of Hawaiian nationalism; worked to uverturn the Bayonet Constitution
John L Stevens
ordered marines ashore from the cruiser Boston to protect American lives and property
spheres of influence
regions where a particular country has exclusive rights over mines, railroads, and trade
John Hay
secretary of state who called for the open door policy;
Open Door Policy
give all nations equal access to trade and investment in China;

asking Europe and Japan to agree on three principles:
 Keep their ports in their spheres open to all nations
 Chinese workers go around and collect all tariffs and duties
 Guarantee equal harbor, railroad, and tariff rates to all nations trading with China

Japan neither accepted nor rejected these ideas
Boxer Rebellion
o In 1900, Boxers attacked Western missionaries, killing more than 200 people

supported by Chinese government officials
Matthew Perry
commodore sent by Millard Fillmore to persuade Japan to open its doors to trade in the west
Treaty of Portsmouth
gets Russia and Japan to sign a treaty to end the Russo-Japanese war
Bayonnet Constitution
Tells Hawaii they cannot tax sugar
Grants the US right to Pearl Harbor
Jose Marti
joined the revolt against Cuba's spanish rulers; became a martyr for Cuba, and was killed in battle
Valeriano Weyler
Spain sent him to put down the Cuban revolt; forced thousands of farmeres into concentration camps
William McKinley
president in 1901 who resisted the calls for war; finally asked congress to intervene in China
USS Maine
sent to Havana to protect US lives and property
Teller Amendment
i. Stated that once Cuba won its independence from Spain, the US would “leave the government and control of the Island to the people”
George Dewey
Commodore who fought against the Phillipines; Dewey's fleet easily defeated the Phillippines; CAPTURED THE CITY
Rough Riders
a group composed of cowboys, indians, athletes, that formed an army
Phillipine Government
1. established a governor and a two-house legislature to rule the Philippines
2. The US would appoint the governor and the legislature’s upper house, but the Filipino voters would elect the lower house
Jones Act of 1916
granted Filipinos the right to elect both houses of their legislature
General Leonard Wood
governor of Cuba, who limited their independence by creating a nbew constitution
Platt Amendment
Limited Cuba’s freedom to make treaties with other countries and US can intervene in Cuban affairs & sell/lease land to US for naval/fueling stations

Made Cuba a US protectorate- US protects Cuba and can intervene
Foraker Act of 1900
US appoints puerto ricos governor and upper house legislature
Philippe Bunau-Varilla
helped rebel against COlumbia for the Panama Canal
Hay-Bunau-Varilla Treaty
gives US unending sovereignty over the 10 mile canal
Roosevelt Corollary
issued by Roosevelt to enforce the Monroe Doctrine and the US continues intervention in Latin America
dollAR diplomacy
sugested that American loans should replace European ones; "substituting dollars for bullets"
generals who allow dollar depolacy to go on
Porfirio Diaz
mexican president who brought Mexico to power after it was in bad shape
Emiliano Zapata
led a rebel army that demanded land for the mostly American Indian peasant population
Francisco Madero
his ideas sparked Mexican revolution; overthrows Diaz as president
Victoriano Huerta
Madero's commanding general who seized control of the government and restored peace; imprisoned Madero after the bad things he did
Venustiano Carranza
the leader of one of the four armies that continued to fight Huerta
Francisco "Pancho" Villa
the leader of one of the four armies that continued to fight Huerta; did so in Columbus, New Mexico
USS Dolphin
a ship that was docked in the port of Tampico, which was under Huerta's control
John J. Pershing
led his troops to Pancho Villa's home state to try to capture him
became the interim president; called for a Constitutional convention which established new improvements