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It was a mistake for Germany to break the non-aggression pact with Russia because Germany....
They had to fight on both Eastern and estern fronts
What was the strategy the U.S. used in the pacific to defeat the japanese?
islad hopping.
What was the biggest limitation for consumer spending during wartime?
shortage of customer goods which led to rationing sugar, gas, nylons
Which law passed by Germany seperaated the Jews from the rest of the population?
Ghetto laws
who as the head of the Manhatten Project?
Robert Oppenheimer...developed the atom bomb
douglas Mc Arthur returned to the Phillipines with the U.S. landing at ______ .
Leyte Gulf
Name the 2 "Theaters", or war fronts during WWII?
European and Pacific
The allied strategy for winning WWII was ______ .
Concentrate first on Europe and North Africa, then Asia
Which battle led to the liberation of France?
Invasion of Normandy(D-Day)
What fnally brought an end to WWII?
dropping the atom bomb on Hiroshama and Nagasaki.
The U. S. president that gave the order to drop the atom bomb?
harry Truman
A term that means 'hatred of Jews.'
This committee debated other courses of action other than dropping the atom bomb.
Interim Committee
The Office of Price administration was created by Roosevelt in order to _____ .
Freeze prices and head off inflation
How did most Japanese Americans respond to interment camps?
Most obeyed.

Later, a few filed lawsuits and won $20,000 per person to repair damages.
What did the Nazi's mean by "final solution"?
Kill all people of Jewish ancestry.
What did Russia promise at the Yalta conference? ..and did they keep their word?
1. Allow free elections
in Eastern Europe.
2. Enter the war against

NO...DID NOT keep their word.
The Allies's code name for the invasion of Western Europe
Operation Overlord...Eisenhower was Commander.
The deliberate destruction of an entire ethnic or cultural group.
existed primarily for mass murder
nazi eath camps
Nov 9, 1938 when jewish stores, synagogues and houses were looted and destroyed
Night of the Broken Glass
The German secret police
Commander of Operation Overlord
Dwight Eisenhower
usually shown on posters working in a defense plant...and she had a boyfriend that as in the marines
"Rosie the Riveter"
What did Henry Ford contribute to war production?
He built factories that could build aircraft using the assembly line technique.
How did the Supreme court rule on the issue of Japanese Interment camps?
Upheld it. Said they were NOT unconstitutional.
Who became famous for "code talkers" using a language the japanese could never break?
Navaho Indians
The Coral Sea as the first naval battle carried out entirely by ________ .
Held to demonstrate that those who commit war crimes must be held responsible for their actions.
Nuremburg trials
Why did Truman decide to use the atom bomb?
Heavy American casualties at Okanaa and Iwo Jima...Truman never regretted his decision.