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What was President Hoovers strategy to fix the Great Depression?
* Stay confident.
* Voluntary action by Business leaders
* Gov't stays out
A few days before the actual crash, stocks started selling way below their value, but people were told "don't worry."
Black Thursday
Oct 24, 1929
Why did racial discrimination get worse during the depression
Everyone was competing for low paying jobs that had previously been held by blacks and Hispanics.
Who were the Scottsboro boys?
9 African american youths caught riding the rail and not given a fair trial, and convicted by an all white jury.
Why didn't they want to hire women for jobs ?
Thought working women were taking jobs away from the men.
married men
Name one impact on health from the depression.
T tuberculosis increased.
bad nutrituion
How long did the dust bowl last?
7 years
The combination of terrible ______ and low ______ for crops caused about 60% of farmers to loose their farms.

The hardest hit group during the depression were___.
those at the bottom of the economic ladder.
Baseball legend who retired in 1935.
babe Ruth
American hero who's son was kidnapped and murdered>
Charles Lindberg
How did Hoover try to take a more active approach to unemployment?
Boulder dam, new public buildings, and parks were built.
What was the effect of Hoover's Agricultural Farm Act?
made prices drop and worsened conditions for farmers.
Who believed in minimal gov't action and though 'less gov't is better"
Herbert Hoover
Who was willing to experiment with gov't roles and anted to broaden the role of government?
Franklin Delano Roosevelt