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Describe Eldorado. How is it different from European Society?
Eldorado is a utopia, a perfect society. There is no classes, no war, no poverty. Everyone is equal, the ruler hugs them.
Why do Candide and Cacambo decide to leave Eldorado? What does he take with him? Why do Cacambo and Candide separate?
THey left because Candide wanted to see Cunegonde. THey took sheep full of treasures. THey separated because they lost most of their sheep and a captain wouldn't take them to Buenos Aires. So Cacambo is going by himself with the diamonds in his pockets to get Cunegonde and bring her to Venice.
Why do you think Eldorado is so remote and inaccessible? What does this say about "the best of all possible worlds"?
It is remote because it has to be away from the rest of the world which would destroy it otherwise. This says the best of all possible worlds is either impossible or has to be hidden from the rest of the world.
What prompts Candide to finally renounce the philosophy of Pangloss?
meeting a slave
What does Candide learn when he meets an escaped slave?
that slavery is worse than everything else he's encountered
How does Candide meet Martin?
He meets him because he wins Candide's 'most miserable person' contest. He believes that the world is bad, bad, bad.
What does Martin think of Paris?
He thinks it's terrible and full of hypocrites and idiots just like in the other areas of France.
Why was the Earth created, according to Martin? What are his ideas about human nature?
the earth was formed to drive us mad

the same way that hawks will always eat pigeons, human beings will always try to destroy each other