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Why does the old woman advise Cunegonde to leave Candide?
Because the governer is rich. and she could make a fortune for herself and candide
Why is Candide forced to flee Buenos Aires? How does Candide become acquainted with Cacambo?
The police were catching up to him for killing the inquisitor because the Jesuit ratted them out. He brought Cucumbo with him from spain and he had been all different jobs.
How does Candide reacquaint himself with Cunegonde's brother?
Because he is the General of the Jesuits, and Cucumba and Candide try getting into the Army
How did Cunegonde's brother survive the attack on his family's manor?
They thought he was dead and he was put in a create of corpses and when the priest was sprinkling holy water on him, his eyelids moved and he was saved.
Why does Candide end up killing Cunegonde's brother?
He fled because he killed Cunegondes brother after a fight about Candide marrying her.
How do Candide and Cacambo become captives of the Oreillons? How do they escape death?
As they were fleeing from killing Cunegondes bro., Candide killed two monkeys chasing women becuase he though they were attacking them, but really they were their husbands. The Oreillons capture them but Cucumbo tells them that they are not Jesuits, they are enemies of the Jesuits and Candid is only waring the robe to escape. and the Orellions treat them like royalty after this.
How can Voltaire's description of the Oreillons be a critique of Rousseau and his view of the natural state of man?
Because he is saying that the Oreillon are "Pure natured" men and they are complete cannibals and annimal, not natural and happy and peacful.
Based on these chapters of Candide, what do you think was Voltaire's view of the New World?
Sounds like he thought it was full of cannibals and crazy people.
Chap 19
Candide get loses most of his sheep by freak accidents, and after 100 days they only had 2 sheep left, then he was robbed by sum1 who took his fortune and sailed away with it. Then he holds the "most misserable man" contest and chooses the winner. Very sad convo with the slave. Cucambo was gonna rescue cunegonde.
tried to get money back through leagal system. the coldness of the judge plunged Candide into meloncolly
chap 20
Witnessed dutch ship sink and candide got 1 sheep back. He talked with martin the whole way there.
Chap 21.
Martin and Candide have a very long convo about religion and life and whyy the earth was made.