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Conditions at the beginning of the novel
He lived in a castle (Baron Thunder-ten-tronckh) in Westphalia.
what is the basis of Pangloss' philosophy?
everything is for the best
Why is Candide forced to leave the baron's manor?
B/c he was kissing the barrens daughter.
How does Candide get involved with the Bulgars?
These men were conscripting people invulentaraly.
Why does he have to run the gauntlet?
THAT OR BE EXECUTED B/C they said he was deserting them.
What were the results of the Bulgar vs. Avar war?
30,000 "Souls" and the castle was destroyed.
Why does Candide get in trouble with a Protestant orator in Holland?
B/c he doesnt say the Pope is the Anti-Christ.
How does Candide become associated with James?
James helps him and cleans him up.
How does he help revive his faith in Pangloss?
Because he helps him out and is very generous.
How does Candide become reacquainted with Pangloss? How is Pangloss look when he finds him?
Candide goes out for a walk and meets a beggar.
B/C HE IS A PEASENT NOW AND HE HAs sores al lover his body.