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consider each bill's merits, regardless of the views of constituents
vote in line with their political party
Base votes on views of constituents
franking privilege
the right to send mail postage free
expressed powers
Constitution granted powers granted to Congress
implied powers
Not listed in the Constitution but needed to carry out expressed powers
deficit financing
When the federal government spent more than it took in each year and borrowed to make up the difference
commerce power
Allows Congress to regulate trade, or interstate and foreign business
the process by which foreigners become US citizens
McCulloch vs. Maryland
Congress's power to set up a national bank
standing committees
select committee
a group set up for a specific and usually temporary purpose, such as an investigation
joint committee
can be temporary or permanent, includes both houses so that separate committees in the houses do not duplicate eachothers work
conference committee
Set up when the senate and the House have passed different versions of the same law
a process by which a senator delays senate action by talking at great legnth