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The first Chair of the CAP Board of Governors was ____?
Lt Gen Nicholas B. Kehoe
Who are the two non-voting members of the NEC and National Board?
The chief of the CAP Chaplain Service and the CAP Inspector General
The BOG has four Civil Air Patrol members, which are permanent positions?
CAP National Commander and CAP National Vice Commander
What governing body is responsible for strategic issues concerning the organization?
The Board of Governors - BOG
What governing body elects the National Commander and National Vice Commander?
The National Board
This governing body convenes twice annually to conduct Civil Air Patrol business.
The National Board
The Chair of the BOG is alternated between the USAF and CAP. How long is the Chair's term of office?
two years
CAP's 3-bladed propellar emblem was actually taken from what emblem?
The Civil Defense Emblem.
What is the name of the Civil Air Patrol Headquarters building?
Wilson Hall named in honor of CAP's founder Gill Robb Wilson
The first three coastal patrol bases established by CAP were located where?
Atlantic City, New Jersey
Rehoboth, Delaware
Lantana, Florida
CAP National Headquarters moved to Maxwell AFB, AL from where in 1967?
Ellington AFB, Texas
CAP regions were originally designed to mirror organizations called Army Service Commands stationed in the US during WWII. (true/false)
CAP Senior members must be how old?
At least 18 years of age, but there is no maximum age.
There are five classifications of Senior members name them.
Active members
Patron members
Cadet sponsor members
Retired membership
Life membership
Initial cadet membership is open to young people who are?
Ages 12 through 18 years old
The first Chairman of the Board for Civil Air Patrol was?
General Carl A. Spaatz 1948-1959. He was also the first Chief of Staff of the USAF.
The first National Commander was Maj Gen John Curry, who is the current National Commander
Maj Gen Amy Courter
Civil Air Patrol consists of how many wings, of which how many are not states.
52 wings, two are not states - National Capital Wing and Puerto Rico Wing
The first Chief of Staff of the US Air Force was Gen Carl A. Spaatz, who is the current Chief of Staff of the US Air Force?
Gen Michael B. Donley
Civil Air Patrol falls under what USAF major command?
Air Education and Training Command whose headquarters is at Randolph AFB, AL
This General received his pilot certificate after receiving instruction from Orville Wright and in 1912 he won the first Mackay Trophy for aviation.
Gen Hap Arnold
The first woman to earn the FAA’s Charles Taylor Master Mechanic Award
Mary Feik
The Director of the Women’s Air Force Service Pilots – the WASPS , she set an altitude mark of 55,253 feet and in 1961, the standing women’s world speed of 1,429 mph in an F-104G
Jacqueline Cochran
Who is the current Executive Director of Civil Air Patrol?
Mr. Don Rowland