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Americas gilded age
What present did america receive in 1886?
the statue of liberty from france
2nd industrial revolution
the need for more labor caused what?
more immigrants to come to america
What did people want from the fed goverment during the 2nd revolution?
they wanted protective tarrifs, western settlement, and rail road grants
Why did the US market expand so greatly during secound inds. revolution?
more immigrants= more people buying
in 1880 what percentage of US was heavily involved in....?
50% was involved in industry
Name what each of these countries was big for
NYC= finance
Pittsburg= steel-iron ore
who created the following electricitys. -DC
What were the main reason for population increase in west?
-homestead act 1862
-rail road grants
-gold and silver
What was the main problem in expanding west?
the indians in the plains
what was the short term resolution to the indians in the plaines?
1871 reservation system
The daws act of 1887 stated what?
it would be easier to brake up tribes and deal with each family individually
what was the major flaw of the gilded age?
all the corruption
The rail road influence created what?
what was the credit mobilier scandal?
many politicians owned shares in the transcontinental rail road
who were core republicans?
-rad repubs
-union war vets
-ex slaves
who were the democrats?
former confederates
what was the civil service commission?
they made people take exams for jobs and the most dersving scores would get the jobs
What was the Interstate common commision?
made it fair for everyone to transposrt from state to state
Sherman Act?
a law that makes it illegal to restrict free trade.
Who was the GreenBack Party?
-high inflation
-low interest rates
what was the grange movement?
famrers who wanted to stop being ripped of by transporters
whats social darwinism?
People who work hard diserve to be rich