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Minoan and Mycenaean located
Minoan is in crete
Mycenaean is in Greece
fought over in trojan war
what they really fought over
-in odyssey, said they fought over Helen, but might have fought over Hellespont, a bridge and the control over it
how did Schiemann excavate it
-asked local people if they though there was a site around, found a tel, dug through it instead of excavating, found lots of gold, got it out of the country and said it to be the treasure of troy,
was it really the treasure of troy?
really was in the layer of 2200 BC (needed earlier)
Scheimann excavated Mycenaean
-tried to find stuff in Mycenaean, found a tel dug and found gold, thought it was Agamemnon’s treasure, needed much earlier
what did he use to know that Troy exsisted?
Heinrich Schiemann- read the Iliad and the Odyssey, wanted to prove that Troy existed
excavated Crete
Island of Crete, Evans excavated in 1900 CE
symbol of fertility, myths with bulls
Symbol of fertility, life, and agriculture- Bull and Snake
Stories about the bull
- Zeus turns into a bull, goes in Canaan takes a princess, and then is the child is the king Minos of Crete
-King’s wife falls in love with a bull, and has a child, Mintar, lock him up and every nine years, would sacrifice seven men and women,
-Prince went to slay the mintar, forgot to change his flag and the king committed suicide
Palace of Knossos
center, west, megarons
-center: courtyard
-west: middens- found thigh bones, and alters- showed that they sacrificed animals
-megarons- the left where weapons were stored, slept there
Mi Religion
-were animists
Palace of Knossos
storage, throne and shrine room
-storage magazines- kept grain and supplies in there
-throne room-where the king would sit for audiences, basin- where priests could use
-shrine room near the throne room
Palace of Knossos
workshops, voucher system, and plumbing
-workshops with pottery, weaving and jewelry- voucher system: brought grain and in exchange could get some pots, clothing or jewelry
-had plumbing- water through the toilet, and to the groves in the ground
religion- gods, shrines, sacrificed..., and possession
-bull and snake= fertility
-hilltop shrines- out doors, with trees and rocks
-sacrificed bulls, sheep and goats
-epiphany-had the gods take possession of the priestess
Micoan Political
-Thalosocricy- ruled the sea, had a navy, were merchants, wrote only lists
-Linear A- language; Semitic
evans and his reconstruction
-Evans reconstructed the Minoan Palace
-put things where he thought would be best
-used the frescos to reconstruct
-lots of motifs with nature
incredible technology
- had bathrooms w/ flushing toilets/plumbing: drainage ditches and copper pipes
-Fertility goddesses- statues of priestesses w/ tight waist, flouncy skirt, holding two snakes and a bird on the head
bull stuff
vaulting, bull horns and rhyton
-bull vaulting- religious ceremony, women and men could do it
-had bull horns on the top of the palace
-bull rhyton- drinking vessel, in a form of an animal, used for libations and poured wine to the gods
-anachronism- something from a later period in that time period that wasn’t supposed to be there. Ex. talked about iron in the stories from the bronze age, because the author lived with iron so they just stuck it in there
theatal and pottery
-theatal- rows of people on bleaches and the priestesses performing
-Pottery- kamaries, egg shell thing, jewelry made of gold
What happens in the Iliad
begins, fight for girl, gods interfere, friend killed, brother killed, someone kills an immortal god
-Achilles mad because Agamemnon stole his slave girl,
-Paris and Menalaus fight-Paris is defeated, but Menelaus is injured b/c Aphrodite wants him to
-Achilles friend Patroclus killed, so he joins the war again
-Hector-older brother of Paris- is killed by Achillies
-ends before Paris kills Achilles
--all was immortal except for his heel which is where Paris shoots at him and he dies
what Myceneans were also called
-called the Acheans, Helles and the Greeks
what was destroyed by an earthquake
-Thera had a volcano, tidal wave over to Minoa and earthquaked them, caused destroying Crete,
-Mycenaeans took over Crete, and defeated them
Mycenaean language
-Mycenaean Linear B- Indo-European
My valued
-were warriors- valued strength, leaders in battle, powerful, and courageous
My hospitality
-hospitality- treated everyone with it, never know if it was a god
-not hospitable towards enemies- biggest act of deceit- Trojan horse (tricking your enemy)
My government
-Government-no absolute power, had to consult with nobles,
--Chiefdom- called them kings, but really had lesser kings, didn’t make decisions by themselves, can overthrow a bad leader, hereditary
My graves
-had shaft graves- bodies were laid in the bottom, and a stone indicating it was them, families were laid in a circle
Schiemann was wrong about the Agamemnon, but...
--Schiemann dug through tose, and thought it was the treasure of Agamemnon, but was really 300 years earlier