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What was the Triangle Trade?
a path in which slaves were transported to the America's.
What was the Colombian Exchange?
Global food transfer of food,plants and animals of the America's.
What is Commercialism?
The making and selling of one paticular crop or good.
What is Mercantilism?
Colonies are made to benefit the mother countries.
Americas= tobacco, indigo, trees and cotton.
Where was the Trans Saharan trade route located?
In North Africa.
Where was the Maritime trade route located?
Where is the Silk Road located?
Christopher Columbus
He was Italian. He sailed form Spain to the island of Espinoza for gold, God and Glory. Found America funded my Ferdinand and Isabella.
Vasco de Gama
He sailed from portugal to indian spice islands.
Magellan (Ferdinand)
He sailed from spain around the whole world.
Sir Francis Drake
Sailed from england all around the world. He was the second to do so. Found Cali!
Jacques Cartier
Sailed from france and discovered the St. Lawrence River
Hernando Cortes
First conquistador to conquer the Aztecs and emperor Montezuma.
Francisco Pizarro
Conquer the Incas
3 ports allowed to trade on the Indian Ocean
Portugal, England and the Netherlands.
Who is the founder of the Ottoman Empire?
Where is the Taij Mahaul located
Mughal Empire in northern india
what did the Ottoman empire trade?
Coffee and Ceramics
What did China trade?
China traded sugar, porcelin and silk
What was traded in Africa?
Gold and Salt
where did the ottoman empire originate?
Asia Minor
What did the ottomans do?
They conquered Constantinople and renamed it Istanbul.
Where is the Mughal Empire located?
Who was the founder of the Mughal Empire?
Who expanded the Mughal Empire?
What famous piece of architecture did they design and create?
Taj Mahal
Who allowed religious tolerance?
Ottoman Empire
Who conquered Constantinople?
Mehmet II
MOdern day England and Ireland
Modern day France
MOdern day Spain
Iran, Azerbaijan, Armenia
Wester Turkey, Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Bosnia
Who founded the Ottoman Emprie
Iran, Azerbaijan, Armenia
Eastern China
Northern India, Pakistan, Afghanistan
Northwestern Africa, Parts of Mali
Andes, Ecudor, Peru, Bolivia, and Chile
Southern Mexico, Mexico City
Mayan Yucatan Penninsula, Belize, Southeastern Mexico, Guatemala
Yucatan Penninsula, Belize, Southeastern Mexico, Guatemala
Conquered by Pizzaro
Defeated by Cortez
What type of personality characterized the Aztec males?
War-like and used Human Sacrifices
What aspect of Mayan culture do we still use today?
365 Day Calendar
What two empires fought the 100 years war
England and France
Where did the Reinassance begin
Which ruler of England broke with the Catholic Church
King Henry the VIII
He did this because the Catholic Church didn't believe in Divorce. How many wives did he end up having?
Who funded Columbus' Journeys
Ferdinand and Isabella
What clamied many lives in Europe and occured during the Dark Ages
Black Death / Bubonic Plague
Two important cities in Africa
Timbuktu and Mali
What are the 3 G's of Exploration
God, Gold, and Glory