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Gives us freedom of religion, freedom of speech, freedom of the press, and freedom of assemby.
The First Amendment
Our first President (1732-1799) and our first Vice President (175-1826).
George Washington & John Adams
After being elected, Washington traveled in horse-drawn coach to our nation's first capital.
New York City
All of our Presidents since the first Inauguration Day, April 30, 1789, have taken an oath of office with their hand resting on this.
Because he set such a high example, is regarded by historians as one of the greatest of all the Presidents.
George Washington
Both Virginia & Maryland gave land to build the city on the banks of the...... The land the city was built on was called.
Potomac River

District of Columbia
The list of freedoms that the Constitution gives to all Americans.
Bill of Rights
The first blank American to write a scientific book.
Benjamin Banneker
List the first three freedoms provided in the Bill of Rights.
1)Freedom to worship
2)Freedom of speech
3)Freedom of press
List the fourth through sixth freedoms provided in the Bill of Rights.
4)freedom to keep and bear arms
5)freedom to vote
6)freedom to won property
List the seventh and eighth freedoms provided in the Bill of Rights.
7)freedom to earn a living in one's chosen vocation
8)freedom of assembly