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Before the French and Indian War was over, Britain had a new king.
George III
required that newspapers, almanacs, marriage certificates, and other documents purchased by the colonists have special stamps or seal affixed to them
Stamp Act
The British Government felt forced to drop the Stamp Act
In 1766
Those who wanted America to be free from Britain's heavy control soon became known as
Britian kept a small tax on tea.
Boston Massacre
Mohawk Indians boarded the ships, smashed open over 300 chests of tea with their tomahawks, and dumped the tea in water
The Boston Tea Party
Another act of Parliament that horrified the colonists
The Quebec Act
on Sept.1774 about 50 men from the colonies met in Phili. They put into writting a request that thier rights as an Englishmen be respected, and they agreed not to buy goods made in Great Britian.
First Continental Congress
they said they could be ready to fight at a minute's notice.
one of the black minuteman
Lemuel Haynes
said the phrase give me liberty or deaf!
Patrick Henry
rode through the night to warm the minutemen
Paul Revere
no one knows who fired the first shot
American War of Independence