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oldest known living tree
bristlecone pine
most widely distributed carnivore in New World
mountain lion
largest land bird in North America
California condor
only poisonous lizard in North American Desert
gila monster
most widespread cactus
prickly pear
antelope with hooves like suction cups
mountain goat
most dangerous animal in North America
grizzly bear
largest cactus in the world
bird with greatest wing span
wandering albatross
wild sheep of North America
the deepest canyon in the United States
Hells Canyon
highest peak in the Rockies
Mount Elbert
largest desert area in North America
Great Basin Desert
hottest and driest part of North America
Death Valley
highest waterfall in North America
Yosemite Falls
deepest lake in North America
Crater Lake
the longest mountain chain on earth
Cordilleran Chain
the largest canyon in the world
Grand Canyon
largest river flowing into the Pacific Ocean from North America
Columbia River
most famous geyser in Yellowstone National Park
Old Faithful
largest saltwater lake in North America
Great Salt Lake
largest high-altitude lake in North America
Yellowstone Lake
famous Shoshone guide for Lewis and Clark
Indian tribe living in multi-room houses cut into rock
area of one of the most advanced Indian cultures in North America
Indians of the northwest coast
famous Apache exiled to Pensacola, Florida
most famous leader of Nez Perce'
Chief Joseph
famous breeders of Appaloosa horses
Nez Perce'
largest Indian tribe of the United States today
Indian farmers that had the rule,"everything in moderation, no excess, no waste"?
Indian tribe famous for weaving rugs
Indians that carved totem poles
Indians of the norhtwest coast