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How did the Renaissance Italians view the classical world of the Greeks and Romans?
they were inspired and awed by classical art and learning
Because of the nature of Renaissance society, it appears that which of the following classes dominated the politics of Northern Italian city-states such as Venice, Florence and Milan?
At the heart of Italian Renaissance artistic style was the..
celebration of the unique beauty of the human body
The Medicis of Florence played a significant part in the Renasiaance as
rulers of the city-state and partrons of the arts
Why did the Renaissance begin in the city-states of Northern Italy in the 15th Century?
Terrific wealth genreated from trade led to the commissioning of artists and scholars
What man is the most deserving of the title "genius" because of his contributions in many areas such as anatomy, painting, sketching, inventing and geology?
da Vinci
Raphael's painting, THe SCHOOL OF ATHENS, shows which of the following Renaissance ideas?
a respect for classical scientists, mathematicians and writers
What was Savonarola's intention when he assumed power in Florence?
He wanted to convert the city-state into a medieval, pious (religious) center for all Christinas
Renaissance thinkers viewed medieval civilization art:
Backward and unelightened
Renaissance art differed from mediecal art in that Renaissance art:
exhibited perspective
Why is Isabella d'Este considered a Renaissance woman?
She recieved a humanist education and was a great patron
THis man is considered the pioneer of oil painting.
Jan Van Eyck
Three techniques that Renaissance artists used that medieval artists didnt:
perspective, oil painting, nudity, realism, light and shading...etc.
Francis I employed this talented Italina to paint
Dav Leo
Why is the Renaissance called the "rebirth"
rather than a new beginning, there was a "rebirth" in Roman and Greek culture.
This is the name of the ruling family. And how did they make moneey?
THe Medici family and they were bankers
What city-state is called the Queen of the Adriatic?
Who is the architect who designed the dome in Florence?
What are three characteristics of Petrarch?
1. father of humanism
2. wrote poems about laura
3. was a classical scholar
4. inspired Shakespeare
5. wrote about nature
What REnn. invention was first used in N. Europe? And what was the year?
Guttenburg's Printing Press
What are three subjects that Vergerio thought made up a liberal arts education..
history, moral philosophy, eloquence
this monk wanted to change florence into this type of city.
Savonarloa wanted to change Florence into a pious (religious) city
Who are two Renn. women?
1. Isabella d'Est
2. Queen Elizabeth
This N. Renaissance English humanist was executed by King Henry III
Thomas More
THis man articulated ideal characterists embodied in a true Renn. man
Castiloni wrote Baldassare Castiglion
What are two classical structures that Renn. look for inspirtation?
1. Parthaneon
2. Pantheon
What are two pieces of Renn art?
1. Mona lisa - secularism and individualism
2. David- realism, individualism
Who were the patrons of the Italian Renn? Who were the patrons of the Northern Renn?
Italian- merchants
Northern- monarchs
What were two countries that were invading Italy from both the north and south during hte 15th century and the 16th cenury
France and Spain
What are three reasons why the Renn. began in Italy...
1. Plague - social structure
2. Byan scholars from Constantinople went over to Italy
3. trading
What are three characteristics of family life during the Renn..
1. good education
2. boys--> educated
3. girls-->get married early
What are three reasons why the Renn spread from Italy to Northern Europe...
1. cities, Netherlands- center of trading
2. Children were sent to italy to learn
3. N. European scholars went to Italy to study
What are three themes reflected in Machiavelli's the Prince and why?
1. seclarism--> anti-christian (don't do the right thing)
2. individualism
3. realism, humanism
Utopia presents the ideal society one lacks these three features..
1. equality- no greed, competition
2. no social classes
3. avoided wars.
someone who activtely participates (achieving and makign an impact)
revive classic Roman and Greek culture
focus on non-religious aspects of life; materialism
man and man's achievemtns and subjects
Mona Lisa
perspective--> background horizon
softened edges
individualism--> lenardo's face
secularism-->wealthy woman
The Birth of Venus
classicism--> Roman Gods
Portrait of a Young Venetian Woman
secularism-->fancy, wealth
individualism, realism
THe Peasant Dance
secalarism-->drinking, partying
peasants, everyday life
The David
realisim- veins in hands, detailed, nude
secularims- nothing religious
contro- posto
half action, half thought
the betrothal of the virgin mary
perspective things are smaller that are further away
religious bulding
dome and coloumsn
the vitruvian man
acturate- human body