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2 types of public address systems
FOH and Monitor
What do the two PA systems have in common
They share inputs and electricity
Signal flow!
Source, Split, Console, EQ, Crossover, Amps, Drivers!!!
Bi amped cross over values
Low X High

800Hz - 2.5kHz
Tri Amped crossover values
Low X Mid X High

50Hz - 200Hz 800Hz - 2.5kHz
Quad amped crossover values
Low X Low Mid X Hi Mid
50Hz - 135Hz 350Hz-650Hz

X Hi

800Hz - 2.5kHz
Crossover feeds amps
Amps feed crossover
XLR Inputs (female)
ELCO outputs
XLR Return Lines (male)
-crossover output to stage
-monitor mixes when using
one console
-talkback to stage
FOH console specifics
Crest V12
40 mono channel inputs
8 sub groups
3 (l,r, and mono) master bus
16 Aux sends
Matrix 16 (alternative output of l,r, mono and the 8 groups)
Master bus to matrix
-2 matrix outputs to input of
-assign l,r,mono to matrix
-matrix master outputs to unity
-matrix one to left matrix 2
to right
sub group to matrix
-deassign from master bus
-assign instrument to sub group
-bring channel fader up
-assign group to matrix
-bring sub group master up to
unity gain
-add signal to the 2 matrix
outputs that you are using
3 ways to send any given channel to the master bus
-assign channel directly to the
master bus
-assign channel to vca and
master bus
-assign channel to sub group
and assign group to master
Kick Mics
Beta 52 d
Shure sm91 c
Beyer Dynamic M88 d
AKG D112 d
Seinhesser E602 d
Electrovoice RE20 d
AKG D12 d
Snare Mics
SM57 d
Beta 57 d
Sm56 d
Hi-Hat/Cymbal Mics
SM 81 c
AKG C1000 c
AKG C3000 c
AKG C451 c
AKG C391 c
Tom Mics
SM 98 c
Sm 57 d
Seinhesser E604 d
Seinhesser 421 d
Guitar Mics
SM 57 d
Seinhesser 421 d
Seinhesser E609 d
Horn Mics
421 d
SM98 c
RE20 d
SM57 d
Percussion Mics
SM57 d
SM98 c
Crown PCC 160
Barcus Berry
SM57 d
Vocal Mics
SM58 d
Beta 58 d
Beyer M88
Nueman PL105 c
SM87 c
Audix om5, om7, om6
Creating mute groups FOH
1. Choose bank, press and hold
manual mute bank select, scroll
using up and down arrows and select bank of choice, release. edit desired manual mute 1-12 desired inputs or outputs through the act button store edit
Monitor Console
Soundcraft SM20
40 mono inputs
20 mix outputs
Oscillator on monitor console (setting up)
-assign oscillator to all buses
-mix output up to unity gain
-send oscillator level
Sending a given channel to a mix output
-get good level on the pre
-solo (pfl) the channel input
-bring cue wedge fader up,
listen, monitor, eq to taste
-solo clear, bring cue wedge
fader down
-mix outputs up to unity gain
-solo (afl) mix output
-bring cue wedge fader up
-send signal through send (pre
or post fader) while
Furniture FOH
drive rack
cd player
cd burner
clear com (4pin xlr, 2 send, 2 return)
dynamics (compressor, gates, limiters)
time based processors
Furniture Monitor
eq rack
amp racks (x over)
System power and bands power has to be from...
the same source
Home outlets only capable to output up to...
15 amps
U.S. power
117-120v @ 60 Hz
Rest of the world power
220-240v @ 50Hz
DC and flow of electrons
always goes from the negative terminal to the positive terminal.
AC and flow of electrons
comes one time out of the negative and one time out of the positive (frequency)
Two different system of power
single phase and three phase
Single phase
ground (green), neutral (white), hot (red and black).
Three phase
ground (green), neutral (white), red black and blue (hot).
If you measure the voltage between the neutral and the hot you will get...
The voltage between any two hot legs is...
The voltage between the neutral and the ground should be...
Connecting power
hot legs in any order
Disconnecting power
Hot legs in any order