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Jefferson's Political Philosophy
Remain neutral
States rights
Agricultural economy/not cities
Forming a military
Paying off debts
Avoiding violent rebellion or any reason to want to rebel
Pierre Dominique Toussaint L'Ouverture
Leader of the Haiti Slave Rebellion
Status quo antebellum
End of the war resulted in things simply returning to the way they were
War Hawks
Henry Clay
John C. Calhoun
Hartford Convention
Talk of secession
Era of Good Feelings/American System
Booming economy, patriotism, country united
American system divised by Henry Clay stressing internal improvements
Rebirth of Sectionalism
Brought on by the election of 1824 in which each region of the country had a candidate for president
Election of 1824
Jackson - Tennesee
J.Q. Adams - Massachusetts
Crawford - Georgia
Clay - Kentucky
Jackson wins popular vote but no majority, Adams wins in the HOR, Jackson claims Clay rigged it for Adams
Dorthea Dix
Better treatment of mentally ill
Elizabeth Stanton
Women's Rights, Initiated Seneca Falls Convention
Horace Mann
School curriculums
Seneca Falls
Site of convention on behalf of women's rights
Wanted to be one with nature
Emerson and Thoreau
McCulloch v. Maryland
that state action may not impede valid constitutional exercises of power by the Federal government
Founder of modern democratic party
Agriculture and states rights
Dartmouth College
States cannot interfere with private institution's charters
Panic of 1837
Van Buren
caused by Jackson's belief in seperation between government and the economy