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nomads roamed around and formed
how were the steppe a threat to other countries
they were more cultrually developed
who were the first people to evolve from the steppe
Seljuk Turks
The city in which Abbasid rulers were centered was where
What significant reason benefitteed the Turks and helped them build an empire
The evtually gained control of all trade routes
At what batttle the Turks defeat the byzantines
at the battle of Manzikert
Who was emperor and what did he fear? What did he do?
The emperor,Alexius 1, feared the loss of his territory so he called on the pope for help
What region did the Turks conquer that led to the first crusade?
What the Turk's victory over Palestine lead to?
The first crusade
Who invaded the turks?
the Mongols
Why did the Turks government collapse?
they lacked traditions, couldnt't hold empire together, were weakened by internal upheavals
Who were the other nomadic invaders?
The Mongols
What did the mongolsl live in?
What were the main things the Mongols hunted for?
meat and mare's milk
What expertise did they develop that helped them fight?
horseback and arrow
Who organized the scattered clans under one government?
Who formed a new code from a compiled source of Mongol laws
What was the new law code that was developed during the mongol period called
What was temujin's greatest achievement?
organized mongol armies into disciplined units not done by family ties
The word that means absolute ruler
What was the other name of Temujin? What did it mean
Great Kahn-universal ruler
What was Khan's ultimate goal
to create a uiversal empire
When their army had victories what happened
It brought money to the Mongols and new people
What Helped the Mongols defeat the Chinese?
Gun powder, storming ladders, battering rams
Who was the leader after Genghis Kahn
Ogadai Khan
What did Ogadai Khan do?
they moved some of the forces westward
Who led the other army of Mongols?
What was Batu's greatest achivement?
he led army through and conquered the Slavic lands, crossed the carpathian mountains into eastern territory
What did Batu do when he recieved word of Ogadai's death
returned to Russia
Before a new khan was selected to take Ogadai's place who ruled his army?
his wife
What happened when the Mongols invaded the Middle East
they used terror to force, they destroyed cities and killed many, captured baghdad and enslaved it's inhabitants
what happened after the destruction of Baghdad?
It was a major setback in Islamic civilization
Who were the Mamulks
muslim military groupd ruling over Egypt
Who controled the largest land empire in history
What were two effects of have the largest land empire
brought peace to the region
there was an encourage of growth rate and cultural contacts
What eventually happend to the Mongol empire
the unity crumbled and gave allegiance to Khan, the local ruler became self reliant, mongol territories developed independent domains
Who was the devout muslim that wanted to spread Islam and claimed he decsended from Genghis Kahn?
Timur Lenk (Tamerlane)
What were Timur Lenk's achievements
created important centers of civilization, united turkish mongol by conquest
Who eventually began to invade their "lost lands"
The Ottoman turks
What was Samarkand famous for?
their tombs