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(agricultural adjustment act)1933 created a new federal agency- sought to control farmers for voluntary cutbacks in production Its goal was to raise farm prices by reducing supply
(Federal Emergency Relief administration) expanded the assistance to the unemployed that had begun under hoover's rfc. Federal money flowed to the states in grants rather than "loans"
(National Recovery Administration)Hughs Johnson its purpose was two fold; to stabilize business by reducing chaotic competion through the implementation of industry wide codes that set wages and prices and to generate more purchasing power for consumers by providing jobs, defining, labor standards, and raising wages.
Sacco and Vanzetti
Nicola Sacco and Bartolomeo Vanzetti 2 Italien born anarchists were arrested on May 5, 1920 for robbery and murder in South Braintree, Mass. (Ppl claim that they were arrested for there political ideals
William James Simmons
founder of the KKK, claimed the US is "no melting pot"meaning that 100% american born is the right way to go(Native born protestants)
Miriam "Ma" Ferguson
gov. of texas outlawed textbooks upholding Darwinism
"scopes monkey trial"
tennessee outlawed the teaching of evolution in schools John T Scope accepted an offer from the ACLU to fight this. Scopes found guilty 4 teaching evolution
H.L. Mencken
Baltimore journalist was the most merciless in attacks on booboise wrote in Daily panorama on crime, vice, corruption and foreigners.
F. Scott Fitzgerald
writer who wrote to post war was the jazz age because daring young pple were willing to experiment w/ new forms of recreation and sexuality
Marcus Garvey
1916 brought to NY the Universal negro improvement Association(UNIA) told african americans to liberate themselves from the surrounding white culture. saw every white person as a potential Klans man which caused more separation
T.S Eliot
one of the chief prophets of modernism. He was in London wrote "waste land" 1922 refered to a deep sense of post war disulusionment and melancholy. He became a modernist in anglos american lit.
Warren harding
Ohio senator ran for election (1920) Republican promised to safeguard america. he drank bootlegged liquor in prohibition, smoked and chewed tobacco, played pker and had affairs "return to normalcy" got him in office. cabinet mixed of really smart pple and not so smart pple. positions of lesser importance went to members of "ohio gang" died of food poisoning in SF
Andrew Mellon
appointed to the treasury dept under harding and reduced gov. spending and lowered taxes he persuaded congress to pass the budget and accounting act of 1921 created a new bureau of the budget to prepare a unified federal budget and general accounting office to audit accounts. Insisted that tax reductions go to the rich.
Calvin Coolidge
v.p. under harding took place of pres. aug. 3 1923 when harding died "silent cal" Identified nations welfare w/ success of big business. focused on industrial development. stove to end gov. regulation of business. coolidge when the election in 1924
Al Smith
Smith lost his bid for reelection in 1920, but was reelected as governor in 1922, 1924 and 1926. As governor he became known nationally as a progressive who sought to make government more efficient and more effective in meeting social needs