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Second Tretise John locke
Make and enforce laws for regulating private property (Land). Before it belonged to the king he believes it should belong to individuals (Individual rights) founder of Life, liberty, health and possessions (natural rights) people had a right to land. Formed a social contract. Government should protect property
Declaration of Independence
All men are created equal. Good Ideas, speical intrests. Didnt include slaves.
Rights of men and women
Women wanted the right to vote. LIberty,Equality, Fraternity.. Soviergn people. Law should be whats best for everyone
Prefece to Tankin by Ferry
Britain produces more things that can be consumed so they need to sell their industrial goods but that’s bullshit cuz the Indians can’t buy it.
The White Man’s Burden- Kipling
Feels they needed to take care of the people by bringing them civilization, they’re better.
Imperialism- Hobson
Should focus more on your country with math and science
Russia and Europe- Danilevsky
Slavophiles or the westernizes
He’s Pan-Slav- copy west in science but stay the same
Three Principals of the People by Sun Yat Sen (social Democracy)
1. Nationality –wanted sovereignty 2. Democracy-get rid of monarch, separate powers
knew their was corruption so add 2 branches – Exam native (shouldn’t be elected by who you know) and Censorial (criticize government) 3. Livelihood- state ownership
Politics by Von Treitschke
Says nations exist to wage war. A country can do whatever it needs to protect itself. Treaties don’t mean anything
What is to be done?- Lenin
Everything must be done in secret./ Cant organize revolutionaries. Bolsheviks
Second tretise
John locke
Rights of women
Olympe De Gouge
Pros and Cons of British rule in India
What is to be done
Russia and Europe
3 prinicples of the people
Sun yat sen
Dutch Studies
Sugita Gempaku
Von Treitschke
The white man's burden