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henry is a --- from the .... with jefferson and washington
representative of the virginia house of bergusses
henry gave speech against the ----- long before the declaration of independance. what year
british stamp act 1765
who debated whether he should join the revolution
patrick henry
gave speech
henry speech made an allusion to which novel
the odessy
beasts boats etc.
henrys speech adresses britians doing what
quartering of armed troops in colonies
give me liberty or give me death
patrick henry
if we deidnt fight like henry said we would be
slaves to brittian
who wrote the declaration of independance and date
thomas jefferson 1776
congressed urged colonys to do this in declaration
make their own government with formal declaration explaining actions
biggest signature on declaration
jon hancock
battle of bunker breedshill
bloodiest war
who won the battle of bunker hill and what did they learn
the brirttish but colonial killed more
bunker hill is the --- battle of the rev. war
when did language change
after european settlement of america
reason for language
seperation and distance
why were the people worried on both sides of the atlantic
grow and cant understand eachotherq
3 reasons why did they keep the english language
not predigous and simple. didnt reveal class distinctions
the articles of confederations are reatified in
second continental congress had to answer what three questions
representation by pop or by state? each state 1 vote

supreme power- divided?

western land- who gets it
came up with articles where two levels shared fundamental powers
articles of confederation
articles gave national gov powere to ---,---, and ---.
declare war, make peace, and sign treaties
the articles of confederation set standards of weights and measures of
a postal service was established where
articles of confederation
articles set standards on how to deal with ---- populatiuon
what state didnt except the articles of confederation and why
maryland because larger stantes would take over spall
when was the articles of confederation ratified"
land ordinance took place in
the land ordinance established a plan on how to ..
divide land west of apps and north of ohio river
the land ordinance surveyed land and divided into 36
eventually the townships wanted to become
northwest ordinance took place in
the northwest ordinance in 1787 provided the procedure for dividing land into
the northwest ordinance set requirements for becoming a
the steps of becoming a state insisted of congress appointing a territorial ----/----. then write a temporary ----- and elect -----. when the population reached ---- free inhabitants, settlers can write a --- approved by the -------
govener/judge, constitution, govener,60,000,constitution, congress
political and economic problems where congress couldnt enact and collect taxes was with
the articles of confederation
each state had one vote was a problem with the
articles had to have ---% vote
problem with the articles about court
had no court to settle legan disputes and no national system.
no --- brance to enforce laws of congress
problems with --- relations. (americans couldnt pay back debt)
spain closed the ---- depriving americans money
miss. riiveer
articles woul dgo in effect in --- but ----
1781 but convention still needed
during the rev. war were running gov. under
articles of c onfederation