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why were cycles of depression and prosperitry accentuated and also conflict btw east businessmen and west farmrs
land in mississippi territory available, transcont railroads built, indust rev ccreated manufactring eccon
how were the indians overcome/ problems
frontier hostilities, collapse of sioux (huge and powerful- gen custer on little big horn river) , exterminating buffalo,
describe formulation of naitonal policy for indians
reservation sys, dawes act- granted 160 acres of land and us citizenhip to heads of indian families who would agree to inhaibt these lands for 25 yrs, burke act- safeguards against exploitation of those who were making transition from tribal membership to indiv citizenship. citizenship was not granted to indians receiving allotments until they had completed a 25 yr probationary period, then in 1924 citizenship was grantedd to all indians
describe the mining situation
rich mineral deposits pulled people westward
what were enduring infleucnes of mines
1. stimulated settlements which broght new states into union 2. provided gold and silver in such quantities that vol of currency kept pace for a time with the increasing needs of business 3. offered new opportunities for investment of capital accumulation in mining venture 4. emphasized need for reorganization of strucutre of american business so that larger amounts of capital could be used under the corporate form of investement 5. gave settlers in new communities chance to work out procedures of self govt necessary to combat violence and social anarchy 6. led to increased demand for better transportation
effects of transcont railroad
created national marketw/in which raw materials, farm prod, and manufactured goods could be freely interchanged, stimulted western migration, large groups of asians and euros broguth to west, territories organized into states
who became the "tamer of the west"
farmer bc govt benefits, new investements and rail facilities opened west to agricultural pop
homestead act
provided that any citizen can acquire 160 acres of surveyed land by residing on it for 5 years and paying small entry fee
what was one of main forming features of american individualism inventiveness aND expansion
existence of free open territory with abundant nautral resources most important shaping factor
waht characteristics marked american manufacturing in post civil war yrs
growth of mass produciton, increased ues of corporate form of business organization and extension into new territories
what were the factors that evolved from small shop to huge factory
national market, abundant resources, technical improvements nad innovations, adequate labor supply, accumulation of foreign and domestic capital, laissez faire govt style
gilded age
describes ostentatious vulgar and corrupt ways of life that characterized surface aspects of post war perriod
describe the depressionsq
1819, 1837, 1857, collapse that followed postwar boom years was more severe bc more indust econ and wider front
panic of 1873
caused by: series of costly international conflicts culminating in franco prussian war, too rapid expansion of railroads into central and east europe, inflation of national currencies which adversely effected international exchange