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One outcome of slash-and-burn agriculture was that it
Led to poor soil over time.
Why did hunter-gatherers move around often?
They wanted more wild game and plants.
The anciant civilizations of Mesopotamia arose in a region that is part of what present-day country?
Wich of these descriptions best defines a city-state?
A city with nearby villages and farmland
Why were the sumerians able to develop the different kinds of job skills needed to have a civilization?
Food surpluses allowed people to do other work than farm.
Wich group was part of every class in Sumerian society?
Wich culture showed the least tolerance for the rights of other peoples within its empire?
The Assyrians
Hammurabi's Code is
Laws the people of the Babylonian Empire had to follow.
Pharaoh Khufu built the
Great Pyramid.
How did Egyptian art change under Akhenaton?
It became more realistic.
Wich of the following words is related to papyrus?
For the Israelites,the Ten Commandments set social and
religious principles.
Moses led the Israelite out of ________ in the Exodus.
The first five books of the Hebrew Bible are called the
Wich of the following was NOT a job of the judges?
supporting polytheism.