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Henry Ford
From Detroit. Built what one man called the "most enormous room in the history of man." producing one b-24 liberator bomber every hour.
"Rosie the Riveter"
Several million women took this job while men were away. They helped in plants that manufactured goods for the war.
ration book
Each family received this containing stamps for the purchase of tires,sugar,meat,and other scarce items.
Means government issue. Became the affectionate nickname for the average American soldier
German tanks
Operation Torch
In November 1941, some 300,000 American troops landed in Morocco and Algeria as part of this.
second-generation Japanese Americans
The defenders of this island could not hold out against the overwhelming force of the Japanese.
"Bataan Death March"
The Japanese shot or bayoneted those prisoners with disease, wounds, hunger or fatigue who fell out of the line of march
Jacob Deshazer
A man who volunteered for the Doolittle raid. He was a wiry young man with a broad smile and a quick temper. He was captured and imprisoned by the Japanese, who tortured and mistreated him until the war's end.
Erwin Rommel
Known as the desert fox, was caught in Egypt between the Americans to the west and the British to the east.