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Musollinii (Facist)
Italian Dictator
Germany Dictator
Mein Kempf
Writen by Hilter
"My Stuggle"
Americans Initial reaction to WW II
Sep 1, 1939
Germany invades Poland
Britain/France delcare war on Germany
Little happens between 0ct 39 and Apr 40 this time period was called:
Phony War
British/French fight off Germans. Morale Boost for Brits.
Brithis Prime Minister at the start of WW II
Winston Churchhill
The US traded ships for bases and loaned supplies to allied nations during WWII. This was called.
The Lend Lease program
Major US Naval Victory.
Turning point of the War.
Battle of Midway
The notion of attacking some islands and bypassing/ignoring others was called:
Island Hopping Policy
The Invasion of Normandy June 6, 1944 was known as?
Germany's last gasp was known as. Worst battle to american forces in WWII in terms of losses.
Battle of the Buldge
Big "3" confernece btwn rosevelt,stalin,chruchill. Agree to allow stalin to control Eastern Europe
Yalta Conference
The day Germany surrenders in Reims France was known as?
VE Day
England, US, China, France, and Russia
5 Permanent members of the United Nations security council
Speech by Winston Churchhill warning the west of communism
"Iron Curtain" Speech
Stopping communism from spreading was called
Prevent soviets from attacking/maintain strong military
United States will assist other countries resist communism,this was called.
Truman Doctrine
US Aide to rebuild Western Europe and Japan
Marshall Plan
Soviets cut off west Berlin, this was called
Berlin Blockade
Supplies are flown into west berlin
Berlin Airlift
Countries Plege to fight for each other/Entangling Alliances/1949
1st Test of Containment
McArthur is fired
End in Tie
Korean War 1950
Red Scare/Communist Witch Hunt
If one country falls to communism others will follow, this is known as
The Dominoe Effect
U2 spy plane shot down he is captured
Francis Gary Powers
CIA attempt to overthrow Castro/Cuba
Bay of Pigs
Crisis in early 60s known as the brink of WW III
Cuban missile crisis
Segregation in SOuth
Racism in North
Known as
Jim Crowe Society
"Seperate but Equal"
Plessy vs. Ferguson
"Education is key to equality not protests"
Tuskegee Institute
Booker T Washington
Demanded full political rights
W.E.B. Dubois
Blacks moving to major cities for jobs.
Great Migration
Black culture goes mainstream
Harlem Renisaince
Black Pride
Back to Africa movement
Marcus Garvey
Desegrated miitary 1948
Harry S Truman
Desegregated Baseball
Jackie Robinson
Overturned Plessy vs Ferguson
Segregated schools unconstitutional
Brown vs Board of Education
Well Known NAACP Lawyer
Thurgood Marshall
Rosa Parks would not give up seat for White person
MLK organizes boycott of city buses
Montgomery Bus Boycott 1955
School desegregation
Eisenhower sends troops to protect 9 black students
Little Rock, Arkansas 1957
College students demand desegregation at resteurants
civil disobedience
Lunch Counter sit-ins
White/Black activists go from Wash DC to deep south to challenge segregation
Freedom Riders 1961
1st black student accepted to old miss/needed protection by FEDS
James Meredeth
MLK organizes protests
broken up by fire hoses/dogs
many kids
Known as a symbol of White resistance
Bull Connor
Largest protest to date
MLK "I had a dream" speech
March on Washington 1963
4 youngs black girls killed while at Sunday School
Burmingham church bombings
Busloads of northerners head south to register black voters
(3) killed by KKK
Freedom Summer 1964
Oulawed discrimination in public places
Civil Rights Act 1964
Banned voting obstacles to blacks
Voting Rights Act
Malcom X/Black Muslums/Black Pride/Black Supremacy
Nation of Islam
MLK assisinated 1968 by:
James Earl Ray
Way of integration in 60s
Helped eliminate past discriminations
Affirmative Action
Gave the PRes power to take all necc measures to fight communism
Gulf of Tonkin resolution
Intense bombing of North Vietnam was known as
Operation Rolling Thunder
Turning point of the Vietnam war/America turns against the war
TeT Offensive
Give the Vietnamize whtat they need and let them fight the battle was known as
College protestors shot by national guard
Kent State 1970
Civil rights/anti-war/counter culture/womens revolution/sexual revolution
Mass Movements of the 60s
Improve relations with China/Soviet Union
Nixon visits both places/known as
Break in/Cover-up/Investigation
Nixon Resigns
Arab Oil Embargo caused?
Energy Crisis
Peace treaty btwn Egypt/Israel became known as:
Camp David Accord
US Embassy Seized/Hostages held for 444 days
Iranian Hostage crisis
Israel captured the west bank during this war
6 Days War